OPP union investigated for fraud, theft, it claims

A RCMP warrant executed at the headquarters of the Ontario Provincial Police Association (OPPA) alleges there is evidence of criminal fraud, theft and laundering the proceeds of crime, the union has confirmed to its members.

In a “Blastout” (internal newsletter) to OPP officers Thursday, obtained by the Toronto Sun, the association advises the search warrant executed at its headquarters on March 6 makes a number of allegations of criminal wrongdoing.

The warrant alleges reasonable grounds to believe the Criminal Code offences of theft, breach of trust, fraud, laundering the proceeds of crime and fraudulent concealment have occurred, the Blastout says.

  • AmicusC

    and this is my main issue with cops, especially after having numerous candid conversations with them, they don’t police their own. blatant criminal activity is actively ignored. I don’t care what your job is you are not above the law.

    • No wonder Wynne gives them direction on investigations, Birds of a feather…

      • Gary

        Yes, and it now makes sense for how a IT person paid to wipe clean 12 PC Hard Drives was able to walk right by the OPP Security Guard on Duty outside the Door to the Premiers Office at Queen’s Park on the Weekend .
        Looks like SGT. Schultz (OPP) got his fresh Strudel ( 8.55% raise) from LeBeau ( Wynne) as Newkirk ( IT experts) walked right by him and wiped clean the PC in Klinks ( McGuilty) Office.

    • Observer

      This is pretty standard operating procedures for the union elite in any union. It is run for the benefit of the union executive and their agendas and not for the benefit of the members.

    • David Murrell

      Right. And recall that the Senate rejected a House of Commons bill (a Conservative private members bill) that would have forced unions to publish on the CRA page their yearly finances (assets/liabilities; spending and revenue) in some detail — much like charities have to do today. Then Progressive Conservative Hugh Segal, the reddest of the Red Tories, led the charge against accountability for unions. So unions, without public scrutiny, can get away with a lot. No one cares.

      • Observer

        Some members do care but learn quickly they will be kicked out of the union, lose their jobs and possibly worse things, if they question their union leaders.

  • The Goat

    I’m wondering if these are a couple of diversity hires.

  • Frances

    Or, as Juvenal said back in the day, “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

  • mauser 98

    McGuinty gave them secret pay raise in 2012

  • BarrieBob

    And from four years ago.


    He began his campaign in July to run for the Barrie Liberal provincial riding when incumbent Aileen Carroll announced she wouldn’t be seeking re-election.

    At the Event Centre, Carroll said she believes the reason Walsh didn’t win had little to do with who he is as a person.

    “I have to be frank, he was a very strong candidate,” she said. “He has integrity, he grasps issues extremely quickly and then owns them. I just don’t think he had enough time to build a strong profile.”