Moderate Muslims must denounce armed jihad

On Tuesday, Parliament was in turmoil debating Islamophobia, radical Islam and all the manifestations of Islam’s troubled nexus with Western society.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper defended his position on banning the niqab from citizenship ceremonies, while Liberal leader Justin Trudeau alleged such talk marginalizes all Muslims.

Yet the best way to fight Islamophobia is for moderate Muslims to step forward and candidly address real issues that plague and stigmatize the Muslim community, both in Canada and abroad.

Up to now, such efforts have been half-hearted and largely futile in the face of the seductively strident rhetoric of the extremists.

  • pop

    Steve Rockwell? Signed by a convert?

  • The Goat

    Why have I never heard of Quakers Against Terrorism? Anyone, anyone? Bueller?

  • Gary

    Steve Rockwell ???????

    He’s been bashing the jews for years , he’s been crying islamophobia , and I heard him tell a radio Host that muslims will dominate one day and Canada an islamic state because muslims are out breeding all other groups.
    Rockwell said that the Quran ORDERS muslims to live by sharia law when they can , and once they are the majoirty in a non-muslims land they must do Jihad to claim that land for allah as a Caliphate.

    Time to not only pull the plug on the hamas friendly CBC that is in bed with CAIR, but stop funding to the TTC as they are now on the side of the islamists wanting sharia law for Canada.
    Imam Rockwell is on record in Videos and Radio audio Shows to make those claims that muslims must take over Canada when they have the numbers.

    If the TTC and CBC want to support Jihadists and hamas , they can do it with THEIR money and if it means big salary cuts then it’s just desserts for the employees that have stayed quiet all these years.
    We still haven’t heard about what happened to that jew-hating weasels caught in a video during the Al-Quds rally at Queen’s park where he spewed hate and promoted bombing israel to wipe out the jews.

    Bob Kinnear has a record for supporting these types by pretending he condemns them , but quietly hide that person in a new job with equal pay as he tells the Media that the matter is dealt with.

  • moraywatson

    I don’t need a guarantee of my safety from the “muslims of Canada” thank you very much. What a sharia sounding concept.

    What I need from muslims is to be able to go through each and every day without there being any conspicuous evidence of totalitarian-islam to intrude on it.

    Take your obnoxious and sinister guarantee and shove it up your asses.

    • Alain

      This would be much more credible were there mass demonstrations by Muslims against those supporting the militant, totalitarian Islamic doctrine. When I say mass I mean much, much larger numbers than those who turn out for every Muslim fundamentalist cause. So far there hasn’t been any such contra demonstrations by Muslims. Yes, I know there are a few who speak out on record, but you can almost count them on the fingers of both hands.

    • Clausewitz

      I’d rather rely on my friends Remington and Colt.

  • Observer

    Just another “protection racket”.

    • Gary

      Getting us ready for the Head-tax as Dhimmi’s in an islamic state once the islamists take over.

  • wallyj180

    Yeah right, they have our back.

    Though it may be a small start, I have my doubts.

    “Muslims against terrorism” is one of Sowahardy’s groups. Why is that not mentioned in the article?

    ” Professor Syed Badiuddin Soharwardy, Islamic Supreme Council of Canada and Muslims Against Terrorism”

    Could it be because Sowahardy is a bit of a media whore and the guy who wanted Levant arrested for publishing the cartoons and then took him to the HRC ?

  • Gary


    A while back you seemed unaware of the 1965 attempt by muslims/ islam to bomb the Statue Of Liberty .

    Here’s a brief Obit about one the men linked to it and the Web page wit hthe full story of his ties.


    March 14 2010

    Some were surprised to discover he was a member of the Black Panther movement four decades ago in New York City, learning of his affiliation with the group for the first time in Collier’s obituary, which ran in Saturday’s Journal.

    He also had apparently remained silent to many during his years in Poughkeepsie about another part of his past. Collier made national headlines 45 years ago following his arrest in connection with a plot to blow up the Statue of Liberty as part of the Black Power movement.

    Collier and several others were arrested in February 1965 and charged with conspiracy to destroy government property and conspiracy to smuggle explosives into the United States. Published reports at the time said Collier and the others were arrested thanks to the work of an undercover New York City police officer who had infiltrated the group of conspirators, known as the Black Liberation Front.

    Black Panthers were linked to he Nation Of islam as the Police for the Blacks in the USA and protectors for the Muslim Brotherhood .
    But these thugs preyed on those in Government housing to incite hatred at whites and the USA that they were the cause of the black people’s ills .

    Today in Toronto and other Cities with large Black populations we see how islam is once again dividing people and going into Regent park and Jane Finch to demonize Whites and canada as evil and their enemy . The prisons are popular too to recruit young men to islam for jihad by painting them the victims of a corrupt system and that Canada needs sharia law.
    islam seems to go after the low IQ strata or those with a mental illness as we see with the jihadists last October.

    When they poverty angle won’t work , they still go after them with a Global Injustice by the oppressors as we saw for the Toronto-18 that were born here.

    I don’t buy the BS by the CBC and STAR that islam has suddenly become violent from many misunderstanders that were exploited by those bad Imams that radicalized them. Islam started with Muhamed being a mass murderer and that’s why ISIS cites his life and the verses from the quran.

  • Sharkibark

    Interesting how they worded it, “We the Muslims of Canada want you the Canadian to know…” they are stating that they are Muslims first, of Canada, but not “Canadian.” To them, the “Canadian” isn’t part of their group.

    • sillykaffir

      Noticed that too, first time I read it, “we” are not “you” but “we’ve got your
      back”……yeah, right….

  • cmh

    stop hoping that muslims are gonna take a stand against Koranic teachings…. and beware of any that appear to take a stand because they are practicing taqiyya.