ISIS defector explains why all the hostages appear to be so calm right before they are beheaded

The hostages are able to retain their poise probably because they don’t know they’re about to be executed, saysB96IxMXIgAElx3i[1] Islamic State defector who claims ISIS jihadists routinely subjected foreign hostages to mock executions and gave them Arabic names.


  • Backa Bock

    They are almost certainly drugged prior to beheading.

    • Minicapt

      Or they have greater ‘moral fibre’ than the Asses of ISIS.


  • P_F

    It could be that the victims already knew their fate (death) and just stood with their heads held high in defiance to their mohammedan murderers.
    Like Fabrizio Quattrocchi the Italian hostage who took off his hood & faced his mohammedan murderer shouting “I’ll show how an Italian dies”.