Is Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood ready to fight?

CAIRO — Political violence has grown common in Egypt since President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi came to power, and he never misses a chance to point the finger at the Muslim Brotherhood.

An affiliate of Islamic State, a mortal enemy of Egypt’s Brotherhood, claims responsibility for a bomb blast? No matter. President Sisi’s government knows whom to blame.

  • roger

    The article is absolute nonsense.
    Sisi is the best thing that has happened to Egypt for a long while.
    Louise loveluck is trying hard to humanise one of the most dangerous and violent political / religious groups in the ME. During time Morsie and the Muslim Brotherhood held office in Egypt, persecution of the Coptic Christian population reached unprecedented levels. Many lost their lives , 58 Christian churches were burned (some of these were up to 1600 years old ) not to mention that the population of Egypt staged the biggest protest in history against the Morsie government forcing Sisi to declare marshal law and take control.
    During this time Muslim Brotherhood members killed police officers and counter protesters.
    By the way, the Muslim Brotherhood were planning on implementing strict Sharia laws ( hand chopping, stoning etc.) which was something that Morsie promised, pre election not to do.
    Some Brotherhood Imams were pushing to destroy the pyramids and other monuments that they considered idolatry ( ISIS style ).

  • Frau Katze

    The Muslim Brotherhood were a disaster at governing Egypt.