Hey Justin! The numbers don’t lie, Majority of Canadians say you’re out to lunch on the Niqab

The niqab debate is raging in Ottawa.

Justin Trudeau and Thomas Mulcair say the Conservative government is simply fear-mongering.  Prime Minister Stephen Harper says the “overwhelming majority” of Canadians, including moderate Muslims, support the Conservative government’s opposition to face veils at citizenship ceremonies.  Some new polls suggest he might be right.

  • David

    Lets hope so.

  • Mohammad Pig

    If government did not exist in the first place, non-Muslims would form a government to kill Muslims ASAP

    What kind of morons let Muslims exist when their genocidal manifesto exists translated for all to see?

  • mauser 98

    polls wrong about Wynne

  • Brett_McS

    Of course just the attempt to take an oath of citizenship in such a garb should have had the approval revoked. But, small steps.

  • Alain

    While I do not claim to know all Canadians I do know that I have yet to come across a single person in my area who supports people being able to walk around in public with their face hidden. In fact I have not met anyone who supports further Muslim immigrants or refugees due to their refusal on a whole to integrate. Yet these same people do not have a problem with the large “east-Indian” population on a whole nor the Chinese and other Asians. I therefore have reason to doubt that a huge number of Canadians (fundamental Muslims excluded) support the right to hide one’s face. This will backfire on the Liberals and NDP. I suspect that the man-child’s Yank handlers do not understand that what worked for Obama will not work for their puppet here.

    • Justin and Mulcair have stepped in it, the NDP is already modifying their Pro-Sharia message in Quebec.

  • Ghost of Ed

    When dressed in their full garb, how do we know they’re women? I’m just waiting for the first bank robbery by guys dressed as Muslim women. Security cameras won’t help much.

    • Read this:

      The Toronto burka murder: The true story everyone who thinks the niqab is optional needs to read


      PS BCF is under attack and or suffering tech problems, we aren’t sure as this is the only way I can communicate at this time so I can’t make any new posts.

  • Georgina

    Face coverings discriminate against deaf people. Ban Them!