Haunted By The Bamiyan Buddhas

When Dadali walks past the site where Afghanistan’s ancient Bamiyan Buddhas once stood, his “heart bleeds” — which is understandable, considering he helped destroy them.

Over the course of three weeks in the spring of 2001, Dadali was forced by the Taliban to take part in the effort to turn the towering statues into rubble. Merza Hussain, a Hazara who lived in a rock cave between the two Buddhas, was there, too, as were dozens of other locals.

  • marty_p

    The world didn’t give a rat’s ass when the Nazi’s destroyed the majority of the evidence of hundreds of years of Jewish civilization in Europe – so why the big concern about Mo’s destroying historical artifacts?

  • Gary

    I still remember how the Afghan Muslims in Toronto out in the Est end on Danforth had cheered this destruction of those statues.
    That was pre-9/11 before the 24 Canadian’s were slaughtered by muslims that were aided by the Afghan’s Brothers back home.
    Right after 9/11 these weasels suddenly denied they supported the Taliban , they even got Jack Layton on their side when he won the MP Seat and went on his Anti-USA crusades for the Muslims vote.
    He even defended Omar Khadr and Maher Arar , but he didn’t expect that Omar Khadr would finger Maher Arar as seeing him in Afghanistan at an Al-Qaeda Training camp which Omar Khadr did admit he was there because of Daddy Dearest and his Terrorism ties via his bogus Orphanage .

    Gotta love the NDP , they blindly accept Omar and Maher as innocent and trust what they say. But now these two stooges are calling each other liars as Maher denies he was in Afghanistan as Omar did admit being there to see Arar . These two darlings of the CBC and STAR end up as liars , no wonder Maher Arar never showed up at the Inquiry he demanded because his story was riddled with lies about his globe trotting and faux torture.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      Thanks for the history!

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Maybe they can get a 3D printer to reconstruct them.
    Silly rabbit, the taliban and the civilisation they want to build could never produce the technology required to make a 3D printer.