Charb after Charlie Hebdo Firebombed by Muslims

Does the Islamic Human Rights Commission think The Spectator was born yesterday?

Douglas Murray…

“It seems that the laughably misnamed ‘Islamic Human Rights Commission’ did not like my last piece. Indeed the Khomeinist organisation has written to complain to my editor.”

  • pop

    Islamic human rights?

    That’s a laugh. Must be funded.

  • David

    I have to tell ya, that wimpy looking dead frenchman shakes me up.

  • John

    I think that the real news with the Hebdo and supermarket massacres revolves around France’s reaction to the whole thing. The morons Valls, Hollande and Cazeneuve have decided to pretty much reward France’s Muslims with all sorts of new projects aimed at integration. The French State will now finance a gigantic mosque and Islamic centre ( complete with restaurants and classrooms) in Toulouse , a centre the will welcome everyone. They’ve rewarded the killers by building a centre for islamist proslytisation.


  • canminuteman

    I don’t know about the Spectator, but pretty much every other media outlet acts like it was born yesterday.

    • Justin St.Denis

      True. The MSM suffers from OCD and hyperactivity.

      Look! A dragonfly!