CRTC shakes up CanCon requirements – will anybody notice?

Canadian broadcasters will have less stringent Canadian content requirements, no longer have genre protection around specialty channels and be required to put funds toward creating higher quality home-grown productions as a result of the findings of the CRTC’s Let Talk TV public hearings.

In an Ottawa speech to the Canadian Club Thursday, Jean-Pierre Blais, Chairman of the CRTC, outlined the first wave of changes intended to develop higher quality Canadian programming.

“Today there is a fundamental shift in the television landscape. People watch content in the ways, on the devices and at the times that most suit them. The role of the broadcaster is changing, as a result,” said Blais. “When you strip away the when and the how of the viewing experience, you’re left with only the what. And the what – content, in other words — matters more now than it ever has before.”