Canadian Muslims Preach Patriarchy, Wife Beating: In Their Own Words

Jonathan Halevi, an expert on Islam and terrorism, shares examples of Canadian Muslim leaders who are preaching messages that conflict with Canadian values.

For example, video clips show two Calgary, Alberta Muslim leaders — Imam Abdi Hersi and Mizz Haibibi — instructing women to reject equality. Hersi adds that wives must provide sex on demand to their husbands.

Halevi also presents a book called “Women In Islam,” that was available at Islam Awareness Week at York University and is distributed by street preachers at Toronto’s Dundas Square.

Halevi says this book reflects conventional Muslim teachings as they are regularly conveyed in Canada. It condones wife beating (as long as it doesn’t involve “breaking a bone.”)

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  • Gary

    And it was Wynne , TDSB and Barbara Hall that approved a jew-hating misogynistic homophobic Mosque in the public school in Toronto.

    Hall and Wynne aren’t really against beating women, they only oppose it to white females and and not BROWN immigrants or Blacks that convert .

  • Alain

    What excuse or justification remains for our government to continue its open door immigration for these people? It is clear that both the Liberals and NDP stand for evil and care nothing about their country other than milking the financial benefits, but should we not expect better from the CPC.

  • Guest

    The women most deserving of beatings are almost never “wives” in any conventional sense. Mo misses the mark as usual…

  • ontario john

    What, no feminist outcry in Canada about this? Oh I forgot they are allies in hating the West. Besides, its all Harper’s fault, Harooooon told me so.

  • cmh

    Inciting to violence is illegal in Canada under legislation. Here are the guidelines that define an indictable offense in Canada. The quotes preached by the 2 muslim imams being highlighted in this editorial clearly fall into the guidelines as ‘violence incitement’. It is now up to a body to go forward with a formal complaint composed from the information to the local police, RCMP, and CSIS.

    1. The hate speech must be the most severe of the genre;

    2. The hate speech must be targeted to an identifiable group;

    3. It must be public;

    4. It must be deliberate, not careless;

    5. Excluded from hate speech are good faith interpretations of religious doctrine, discussion of issues of public interest, and literary devices like sarcasm and irony;

    6. The statements must be hateful when considered in their social and historical context;

    7. No prosecution can proceed without approval of the attorney-general, which introduces political accountability because the attorney-general is a cabinet minister.

  • Minicapt

    Beating the wife makes her more tender?