Well integrated young French Muslims promise to exterminate the dirty Jews they beat up today

According to the victims, the assailants said, “Dirty Jews, we will exterminate all of you,” before they were robbed and beaten.

The Jewish teens required medical attention.

  • tom_billesley

    In France they’re more likely to catch flak for using an Anglicized contraction like “4” than for anything they say about Jews.

    • Hard Little Machine

      In America you’ll go to jail for tweeting ‘faggot’ sooner than if you punch an Orthodox Jewish woman in the face.

  • Achmed

    Just don’t falsely label this as antisemitism.

    This is an exercise in the right to express our faith.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Please don’t call for murder. Comments like this will get you banned. Consider it a warning. – Mamba