Toronto Star Gives Platform To Hateful Muslim Who Wants To Return To Canada

Was Ahmed Abassi a Via Rail terrorist-in-waiting, or just a talker?

“I hate America, okay? I hate America a lot. Write that.” he says. “I am a liar if I say that between Muslim countries and America, we have love. We don’t have love. We have deep hate.”

“But talk is all it was, Abassi says. As he appeals to Canada to let him return, he says he should only be judged by his actions.

“I can hate you, I can think about hurting you, but I would never kill you… We are free in our thinking, yes or no?”

“He has tried to no avail to re-enter Canada. He does not regret his own actions, and blames Canada for ruining his life.


Ahmed Abassi was arrested by US authorities as part of the Muslim terrorist Via Rail plot. He was subsequently released and deported to his native Tunisia under a negotiated arrangement in part it is speculated because a trial may have exposed a US undercover agent. He had resided and studied in Quebec prior to his arrest but his student visa was cancelled. Now he wants to return to Canada so naturally the Star is giving him a full page.

I suspect he hates Canada every bit as much as he hates America but the Star never asked that question.  I feel no sympathy for a Muslim who hates us, despite the Star’s best effort to persuade me otherwise, and we certainly do not have to allow him entry into our country.