Toronto Star Gives Platform To Hateful Muslim Who Wants To Return To Canada

Was Ahmed Abassi a Via Rail terrorist-in-waiting, or just a talker?

“I hate America, okay? I hate America a lot. Write that.” he says. “I am a liar if I say that between Muslim countries and America, we have love. We don’t have love. We have deep hate.”

“But talk is all it was, Abassi says. As he appeals to Canada to let him return, he says he should only be judged by his actions.

“I can hate you, I can think about hurting you, but I would never kill you… We are free in our thinking, yes or no?”

“He has tried to no avail to re-enter Canada. He does not regret his own actions, and blames Canada for ruining his life.


Ahmed Abassi was arrested by US authorities as part of the Muslim terrorist Via Rail plot. He was subsequently released and deported to his native Tunisia under a negotiated arrangement in part it is speculated because a trial may have exposed a US undercover agent. He had resided and studied in Quebec prior to his arrest but his student visa was cancelled. Now he wants to return to Canada so naturally the Star is giving him a full page.

I suspect he hates Canada every bit as much as he hates America but the Star never asked that question.  I feel no sympathy for a Muslim who hates us, despite the Star’s best effort to persuade me otherwise, and we certainly do not have to allow him entry into our country.

  • jayme

    We all need to be honest the far left wants Canada to be a Islamic state.

    • I’m sure the Star wants that after printing this article.

      • jayme

        Its not just the Star ask anyone on the far left the hate they have for Canada is sick.

        • The left is sick. Just look at Justin.

          • Justin St.Denis

            Must I?

    • David Murrell

      Yes indeed. The Star also supports the murder of innocent VIA rail riders. This is why the hateful newspaper gave Adolph — er, I mean Ahmed — Abassi space on the op-ed page.

      • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

        ‘….. such generous space on its news section.’

        Isn’t that the truth.
        The Star put this terrorist sympathizer on the front cover of the paper and devoted all of page 16, there’s not one ad on the page, to his whine.

    • dukestreet

      Canadians with brains and the wherewithal to think don’t want an Islamic state nor Islamic immigrants/visitors to this country at all.

  • Clink9

    He will be The Star’s choice for next Toronto mayor.

  • Sharkibark

    “He has tried to no avail to re-enter Canada. He does not regret his own actions, and blames Canada for ruining his life.

    “I will not say sorry. I am waiting for their sorry.” “

    • Doug Kursk

      I’ll bet that those legs on the left belong to a large Huntsman spider hiding behind that wall clock..! They also like to hide under windshield visors and (shudder..) keyboards…you’ve not lived until you have had a dinner plate sized spider go whizzing up your arm ’cause boy howdy they are fast!!

    • Good one;)

  • marty_p

    My wife and I were rolling on the floor laughing after reading (in the Star and Crescent) “Evidence also questioned the strength of Abassi’s relationship with Esseghaier. Alone with El Noury, Abassi grumbles about Esseghaier’s poor personal hygiene, odour and how much time he spends in the bathroom” Translation = he stinks

    • Doug Kursk

      Esseghaier: a maladroit and malodorous Muslim if there ever was one!

    • tom_billesley

      Chiheb Esseghaier as a cellmate could be a useful stressor when interrogating a terror suspect, at least until an HRC found out.

  • CodexCoder

    Our current government ruled correctly – if you fight with ISIS, you cannot return, no matter the reason. A line was drawn very clearly, and it needs to be upheld.

  • DVult

    I don’t trust that imbecile Trudeau to not try and make him a cabinet minister in charge of inter community relations or some such or maybe immigration minister.

  • tom_billesley

    “I will not say sorry. I am waiting for their sorry.”

    I do hope he’s holding his breath.

    • WalterBannon

      I hope a drone is targeting him right now…

  • oev

    Neither he nor anyone remotely like this individual should be allowed into our country in the first place. Our immigration and visa policies are facilitating our eventual demise.

  • WalterBannon

    If he tries to come back they should shoot him, and then burn the Star to the ground.

    • Stronger Than Dirt

      I’ve heard their paperboxes accept slugs as payment although if somehow they were jammed open … Star readers will gladly leave the money inside because they are known for their integrity.

  • ed

    never trust a man with a “shit stain” on his forehead !

  • Frances

    Why ever would he want to return here as he obviously dispises our culture.