SHOCKING: Laughable sentence handed down to Calgary Muslims who beat up pro-Israel family

Ezra Levant isn’t quite speechless, but it’s pretty close:

  • Alain

    OMG how totally disgusting! Whoever represented the Crown needs to be fired.

    • Oracle9

      I think it’s a City of Calgary affair, and those Calgarians love their city government and its award-winning leader. Entirely predictable.

  • BillyHW

    Canada blows goats.

    • G

      Yep, pretty much.

      And no, I am NOT going to qualify my statement by saying “Oh it’s just the government or the media” (Who elects the government? Who pays the media?)

      The overwhelming majority of canadians can be accurately caricatured by Disney’s Halloween cartoon depiction of the school teacher Ichabod Crane in “Legend of Sleepy Hollow”:

      A prissy, effete, holier-than-thou 98 pound weakling, who is incapable of standing on his own either in physical self defense or economically and is obsessed with appearances and scared of his own shadow and likes to lecture others.

      Canukabod Crane

  • G

    So let’s recap shall we?

    1) The cops refuse to appear and prevent the violence by muslim goat diddlers.

    2) Violence occurs (not surprisingly) and the cops reluctantly lay charges after basically being shamed into doing it.

    3) The crown prosecutor handles the case so poorly that it’s apparent he he could not care less about the charges against the pooooor little muslims.

    4) The judge hands down an absurdly light sentence. (WOW! Big surprise there huh?)

    It’s pretty obvious whose side the government authorities favor.

    • Alain

      To be fair I do not see how the judge had any other option considering the complete incompetence/indifference of the Crown prosecutor. Mind you I am basing this on the video clip.

  • simus1

    Guess Boss Hogg got what he wanted.
    Calgary’s “official Jews” still playing their assigned roles, no problem there.

  • Stronger Than Dirt

    Canada and Her values are being destroyed by guberment goofs and muslim goons and an assortment of other pathetic cowards.

  • Gettingby

    Moral of this court case. Never attend a demonstration without some form of weapon, umbrella…might rain, cane…bad leg, baseball bat or hockey stick…game might spontaneously break out and you need to be ready.

  • Jim Horne

    Who said “Not only must justice be done. It must also be seen to be done.”?

  • Gary

    Mean while if some punk throw a raw egg at a Mosque the Police and Media rush in to report it as a hate-crime and the muslims want their pound of flesh as revenge which the quran allows for.

    Calgary has a gay muslim mayor, and an over-paid Police chief with a loyalty to his Pay Check and not Canada.
    Liberals in Ontario now use this tactic to give their co-liars as huge pay check
    so they obey the Premier and not the law. The public Unions and Police sold their souls and will rue that day some time in the future when they retire in an islamic hell-hole around them or an even more corrupt Leader that robs their Pension and cuts off Benefits.

    The traitorous weasels love it when THEY are at the Public trough enjoying that bags of money as they prop-up fascists , but if they were bought so easily and sold their soul for a pay Check …….could they be THAT stupid to not use foresight and see how a future weasel like them would sell their soul for a more corrupted Leader that give out bigger bags of money to screw THEM over as they screwed over others now.