The Plot To Seize Crimea

n early 2014, the world was caught off guard by one event after another in a crisis that culminated with Russia’s annexation of the Ukrainian Black Sea peninsula of Crimea.

Moscow also claimed to be caught up in events beyond its control.

On March 13, just eight days before the annexation, Russian President Vladimir Putin told a meeting in Moscow that “we cannot ignore the situation evolving around Ukraine, Crimea.”

  • winniec

    Russia’s kleptocracy and its culture of lawlessness can only end badly. The Soviet Union didn’t end so much as move into the hands of the KGB. The failure of Russians to build a strong independent judiciary led to the collapse of legitimacy.

  • Russia’s biggest problem is it’s Muslim population, especially around Russia’s periphery.

    Expect the Russians to deal with the Muslim issue in a non PC fassion.

    Crimea and Ukraine are minor problems in the bigger overall picture.