How Iran exploits fear of its own “hardliners”

Iran always raises the spectre of “hardliners” to frighten ordinary Iranians into compliance with fake “moderates”. It does much the same with the outside world which, at least in the person of Barack Obama, appears gullible enough to fall for the ruse. Don’t be fooled. The Communists tried this too

For the last 36 years, the people of Iran have been given a choice of bad and worse candidates in the so-called elections that are held in the Islamic Republic.

The Guardian council, the unelected body that pre-selects the candidates, will always present the Iranian electorates with some extreme, reactionary candidates who are straight from the dark ages.

But it will also offer one or two slightly more “moderate” candidates who are not quite as extreme and fundamentalist as the others, but nevertheless whose loyalties to the regime have been tried and tested.