Greenfield: Gloria Steinem Joins Code Pink for Pro-North Korean WomenCrossDMZ Rally

codepink_jodie-evans_common-criminaHow awful of a person do you have to be to support Kim Jong Un’s brutal North Korean regime which keeps entire families in prison? Code Pink has rallied for terrorists, including Hamas. Now it’s going to a new level of horrible with a North Korean rally.

The whole thing is being billed as a “peace rally” titled WomenCrossDMZ. It’s also being sold as a women’s march in support of a regime where women are raped in concentration camps.

The agenda however is not opposition to the brutality of the North Korean regime. Instead the website complains about “crippling sanctions” against the North Korean government. There is absolutely no mention of the fact that the DMZ continues to exist because of the actions of the North Korean government. No mention of the tide of refugees fleeing North Korea.

There are suggestions that the participants will cross into North Korea, a risky course without the collaboration of the Kim Jong-Un regime.

The participants include the usual suspects, Medea Benjamin and Jodie Evans, Gloria Steinem is listed and Eve Ensler appears on the advisory board. This isn’t exactly Medea Benjamin’s first round of this on the Korean side…