Gallia Watch: Manuel Valls calls for “stigmatization” of the FN

The ruling elite of France is “panic-stricken” at the possibility of a Front National victory on March 29 and in the 2017 presidential election. Prime Minister Manuel Valls makes no effort to hide his fear. In a March 8 interview on Europe 1, hosted by Jean-Pierre Elkabbach, Valls agreed his party had not been able to solve major problems, but at the same time insisted there would be no going back on the reforms that had been made.

Here from Le Figaro are excerpts of his remarks:

Prime Minister Manuel Valls revealed his fear that France would “shatter against the FN”

“The thing I dread, may I speak of my dread, my fear for my country? It is the FN at 30%, not in the second round, but in the first round of the departmental elections. An FN at 30% is a matter of extreme gravity. The thing I dread is an FN at 30% in the first round, because its platform is a disaster for the country.”

“I demand the stigmatization of Marine Le Pen; the Front National offers no solution. I call on all those who demonstrated on January 11, I say to them, ‘Get out and vote!'”

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