Dogged Persistence is What Made America Great!


Remember ME?

Except when it transcends good judgment, then it’s just pathetic.

Christopher Miller, 41, was just a day out of prison for the first hold up when he marched into the Toms River Stride Right on March 22 (of 2014) and ordered employees to empty the register and hand over their cellphones.

The two-time loser was busted after a clerk who’d been working during the 1999 heist recognized him and notified police.

Miller confessed on Monday to the latest robbery and is now awaiting sentencing.

The dogged thief served 15 years in prison for robbery in the first stick up, but he apparently didn’t learn much. Prosecutors said he boarded a bus just hours after his release and traveled 50 miles from Atlantic City to take another crack at the strip mall shoe store.

He’s due to be sentenced on May 15, and won’t have another shot at the Stride Rite for 10 to 20 years.