Daily whine: Across North Carolina, Muslim Students Take Stock of a Trying Semester

On the campus of the University of North Carolina here — and at nearby North Carolina State University — memories of the February killings of three young Muslims still linger.

The iconic symbol of the tragedy — black-and-white outlines of the victims’ heads and hijabs, with the tagline “Our Three Winners” — is still displayed on students’ Facebook profile pictures. There’s been a steady stream of charity events, including food drives and basketball tournaments. A scholarship fund has been set up to honor the victims. And there have been many moments of silence.

But as time passes, students — particularly Muslims who knew the victims — are left grappling with difficult questions: How could this have happened here? How does our religion fit on the campus? Is there a way to move on?…

…The motive surrounding the killings remains uncertain. Mr. Hicks’s wife said they stemmed from a longstanding parking dispute, but her husband had a history of anti-religious invective, and many observers have viewed the killings as a hate crime driven by Islamophobia…

…Even before the killings, it had been a difficult semester for Muslim students throughout the state of North Carolina.

Students and administrators at Wake Forest University had already rallied behind the associate chaplain for Muslim life, Khalid Griggs, after an alumnus waged a fierce campaign accusing him of being a radical jihadist.

Then, in January, Duke University announced that it would broadcast a Muslim call to prayer from the bell tower of the campus’s iconic Duke Chapel. Immediately after the announcement, Franklin Graham, the Christian evangelist, condemned the decision, calling on donors and alumni to withhold financial support from the university…

  • just a thought

    If “anti-religious invective” makes this a “hate crime,” will they now admit that is the essence of atheism? No? I didn’t think so.

    Consistency isn’t their strong suit.

  • Gaian

    Do you know why so many blacks jump on the islamic bandwagon? It’s because islam rewards ignorance and also rewards crime, violence and murder. Makes a lot of blacks feel right at home in a bigger “hood”.

  • winniec

    Hicks was an equal-opportunity hater. He hated all religions. Muslims do the same, but Hicks had no scripture telling him to murder the believers wherever you find them.
    Muslims, however, have a religion that says, ‘Kill the disbelievers wherever you find them.’
    Fascinating how much Muslims PROJECT their ‘other’-hatred onto ‘others’.

  • Hard Little Machine

    First off the UNC killings were another far left wing radio nutjob doing nutjob shit. It was about parking and there’s a long long documented history BY the condo complex about that nutjob. Second, Wake Forest is a private university free to do what they like but Khalid Griggs openly calls for jihad ‘by any means’ and sharia law in the US. Last but not least, it now costs $64,000/year to go to Duke so let the people who pay the damn bills decide whether they want the Muslim call to prayer issuing from the bell tower of a national landmark.

    Everyone else can genuinely shut the fuck up.

    • Frau Katze

      I read about the parking problems in the area too. Hicks became obsessed with it.

  • Hard Little Machine

    And I wanted to add – MORE convicted terrorists have attended NC State than any other university in America.

  • Gary

    Hate crime, islamophobia, random violence to 3 folks , ” What difference does it make now”.