Actually, Mr. Trudeau, When It Comes To Importing Jihadis Into Canada None IS Too Many

How many victims of diversity must there be before Justin wakes up?

  • Sharkibark

    I got about half way through his original speech before my hubby asked me to turn it off. His entire platform is a case of projection – that Harper is fear-mongering…. but who is talking as if conservatives want to make abortions illegal? Who is comparing the removal of a facial covering to the internment and mass murder of jews? Justin is the one talking as if Canadians under the conservatives is comparable to Stalin, Mussolini, and other murderous dictators. Justin is the one who is fear-mongering amongst the low-information voters who have no clue how good we actually have it here.

    • He must really prize the Muslim vote.

      • winniec

        Over one million Muslims with approx. 500,000 votes (excluding children). Whaddya think?

  • What are Trudeau’s qualifications?

    Every time he opens his mouth he looks like liberal fool, talking sock puppet.

  • mobuyus

    Justin lives in a gum-drop house on lollipop lane under the rainbow with a gay islamic unicorn in the garage.

  • mobuyus

    In a strong breeze justins emptyhead whistles the muslim call to prayer.

  • Maple Curtain

    Too bad Harper, Kenney, and the rest of the government don’t agree with you. Beyond the rhetoric, Harper’s policy is the same as Trudeau’s.

  • Let Trudeau defend his blather with pictures of acid-scarred women in the background.

  • k

    I think a lot of Muslim supporters have called his office lately …. sooooooooo… everyone…
    dial-up! c51=pass ASAP! & no niqabs for security/women friendly reasons