You mean I missed the 2014 Dog Dancing Final???

Yvonne Belin, World Championship 2014 Helsinki, the final

h/t F

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    I’ll take “things Muslims would not allow” for 500 Alex!

  • It’s like some sort of ballet… with a dog.

    • Jay Currie

      A very well trained dog. Weird but sort of cool. Poor dog thinks he is herding a particularly odd black sheep.

      • Mal

        As Peter Cook might have put it, “I think the words ‘particularly odd’ are awfully well-chosen here.”, Jay.

      • He herds it with grace.

  • Linda1000
    • The real star of this performance is the bed sheet.

    • Justin St.Denis

      OMG! Gillis and her atrocities – all funded by me and YOU.

  • Linda1000

    From Seattle, meet Amy the little piglet who is “top dog” in her dog agility class. Very dainty on her feet and cute. 🙂

  • Jason

    Pip could do that too

    • Raymond Cameron

      Cats are too intelligent to do that.

    • Pip would likely take a swing at me.

    • Frances

      Could but won’t. No self respecting cat would.

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    I just can’t get into this sport anymore.
    Not since those steroid scandals a few seasons back.

    It’s just too soon, sorry.

  • eMan14

    That was cool. I never thought that a dog could do something like that for as long as it was. Bravo.

  • Dana Garcia

    Cute, but the Border Collie with a vocabulary of 1000+ words is pretty impressive.


  • Justin St.Denis

    Really quite cool!

  • LauraS

    Interesting to watch, the dog is extremely well trained. But I can’t help thinking she must be single.

  • simus1

    Most border collies are extremely intelligent and get bored very easily.
    As with all living things, there are always rare exceptions.