Why Do Universities Hate Christianity So Much?

One of the main storylines in a popular fictional Christian movie last year called “God’s Not Dead” featured an atheist philosophy professor who, on the first day of class, tells his students: “I would like to bypass the senseless debate altogether and jump to the conclusion that every sophomore is already aware of – there is no God.”

The professor required his students to write a statement disavowing God with three specific words – “God is dead” – and the movie follows one student who refuses to do so.

I thought of this movie recently when a student writer for The College Fix recently reported on a philosophy professor who is visiting campuses giving guest lectures that argue the God of Christianity represents immorality. His talk is titled: “If a God Exists, Then Anything is Permissible.”

Not surprisingly, he is also a faculty advisor for the Secular Student Alliance club…

But they sure like Islam! Next, they will be banning “786” and saying that it is a perfectly rational thing to do.