Two inmates charged in beating of wannabe Jihadi

An Ottawa terror suspect is back at the Ottawa-Carleton Regional Detention Centre after suffering a vicious beating there a week ago.

Carlos Larmond, 24, was beaten by a pair of inmates March 3 at the Innes Rd. jail. Police have obtained security video from the jail.

The assault is being investigated by the East District detectives.

Larmond is said to have suffered a broken left arm and left orbital bone as well as head injuries. He was treated by OCDC staff and taken to hospital.

  • DVult

    Seems to me that this should be encouraged.

    • lolwut?

      If we could get the names of the guys who did this we could put a little something into their jail accounts to buy magazines, chocolate bars and stuff.. Reward the behavior and maybe it will be repeated.

      • andycanuck

        They are named in the article so it should be possible.
        Addendum: Okay you saw that already as in your comment below.

    • Ed Ellison

      Jailhouse justice.
      They used to put, years ago now, skinners and other social miscreants into the general population as part of their “rehabilitation”.
      Worked like a charm too. Not too many recidivists.

  • SDMatt

    Is there a Paypal-friendly crowd-sourcing “attaboy!” site for the perp?

    • lolwut?

      Depending on how long they are there, there is accounts you can deposit money into for people in jail so they can buy things like magazines and stuff.

      Just need to find out who they are, you don’t have to be a relation or their lawyer to deposit funds.

      Saying why you are giving the money however would get it rejected. There’s also a limit to the amount to prevent people
      in Jail or prison using it as leverage against other prisoners.

  • mobuyus

    He’s not the cock of the walk in our jails.

  • Mark

    This should be put towards their early release for good behaviour…

    • andycanuck

      Mandatory early release I can agree with in this case. Or give them time off for community service work.

  • J. C.

    Even our prisoners have a better sense of right & wrong than our legal representatives…

  • andycanuck

    And the MFM trying to crap on the Ministry for putting him in the ‘general population’ without telling us if the terrorist’s lawyers objected to that.

  • P_F

    They should be awarded with ‘Order of Canada’.