Town of Taber, Alta., bans swearing, spitting, yelling …

CALGARY – Call it a bunch of B.S. if you like ─ just be prepared to pay a $150 fine for using foul language in public.

Swearing is just one of the sins now outlawed in the southern Alberta town of Taber, along with yelling, spitting, gathering in groups larger than three, making too much noise inside a bar, and being outside after 11 p.m., if you’re under the age of 18.

  • David Murrell

    Horrors! This town by-law will bring out the pro-violent gang forces (the BC Civil Liberties Union, the national media cartel, the opposition parties, Mayor Nenshi, you name it). The town councilors will be thrown on the defensive in no time, and will be forced to repent.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Also, any families with more than one child are SCREWED if they want to stop for lunch in Taber, aren’t they?

      Taber – The Alberta Town That Tells Families To Fuck Off

      • Justin St.Denis

        Too bad the CBC have all the $$$ and none of the talent. This could be a hilarious TV show!

  • ontario john

    I blame the Jews.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Let Ezra Levant give Taber a little visit. EZRA just loves hunting fascists. From his experience in Nanaimo, EZRA has demonstrated that fascists often first rear their totalitarian heads on municipal councils and school boards. This is the best time to Identify, Name and Shame the fascists. Taber municipal politicians would be TOAST if a few hundred people decided to show up and ‘visit’ Taber, where laws would seem to prohibit the arrival of bus loads of tourists. How very shoot-yourself-in-the-foot STOOPID can an Alberta town be? Taber-Stupid.

    Taber-Stupid – humanity sets a new low.

  • Ed

    Blatant islamophobia. No more howling in the streets about sharia?

  • truepeers

    When people spit in public, we should tell them to f off.

    • Justin St.Denis

      I make a point of confronting them.

  • P_F

    Each passing day the govt. is taking charge of our individuality & free will.
    The morals, discipline & ethics should come from the families, the society. It should not be the job of the govt. to direct people what & how they can say.

    • Justin St.Denis

      This is not “the government”. These are small-town fascists who need to be crushed before their political aspirations aim higher.

      Name them. Shame them. Kill fascism before it takes root, like a weed.

  • P_F

    What if couple of mohammedan or somalian or jamaican families decide to live in Taber. What are the council plans to discipline their behavior, would they dare to issue a ticket to screaming mohammedan??

    • Paulla

      They’d be excused because of cultural differences.

  • DMB

    Alberta the Canadian home of cowboys banning cursing! This ain’t f*@king right.