Terror ‘apologists’ must share blame – UK Foreign Secretary

“Apologists” for those who commit acts of terrorism are partly responsible for the violence, Philip Hammond has said.

Security services have been criticised over their handling of Mohammed Emwazi – known as “Jihadi John”.

But in a speech the foreign secretary praised the “brilliance” of Britain’s intelligence officers.

Mr Hammond also warned of Russia’s “aggressive behaviour”, saying it could “pose the single greatest threat” to the UK’s security.

Gathering intelligence on Russia’s intentions would be a “vital part” of the work of Britain’s intelligence agencies for the “foreseeable future”, he added.

  • Gary

    The real threat right now is that the self-professed Moderate Peaceful muslims in the denial stage , or , that stay quiet about jihad terrorism as if they have nothing to do with it and shouldn’t be grouped in . Yet, when it comes to jew-hatred , suddenly 10,000 muslims now feel it has to do with them and they come out in droves .
    Don’t forget the 800+ pro-hamas muslims that came out to the Calgary hatefest to bash jews last year . But also last year in Toronto when an actual liberal moderate islamic group held an Anti-ISIS rally because Toronto has a 300,000 + muslim population , the Media tried to make the Rally look good but there were only about 10 muslim that showed up.
    How many times have you heard Imams claim that there are NO jihadists grooming in their mosque and then claim that its those OTHER mosques down the road .