Syed Soharwardy, Supreme Intergalactic Leader Of All Muslims From Here To Infinity, Issues Fatwa Against ISIS

Syed’s always good for a laugh.

The funny thing is that Egypt’s Al-Azhar, the leading Sunni school of all things Muslim stopped short of declaring ISIS apostates.

  • winniec

    Fatwas from Al Azhar University are the only fatwas that count.

    This guy Syed Soharwardy can say what he wants from the safety of Calgary. No one will pay attention, unless the goons from ISIS pay him a call…I doubt they will because he’s running interference for them and muddying the waters of the discussion.
    BDF got this right: Al Azhar is the authority on Islam. They didn’t condemn ISIS because Caliph al Baghdadi is EXTREMELY Islamic.

  • Sparrow

    This from a guy that tried to have Ezra Levant arrested for publishing the Mo toons. Syed, peddle your fatwa elsewhere. It has about as much relevance as yesterday’s washroom break.

    • Gary

      Syed is a pathetic hollow man that knows he’s safe in Canada and WILL NOT go live in one of his Utopic islamic hell-holes with sanctioned child bride pedophilia .

    • The media just love him.

  • Frau Katze

    Looks a garden gnome to me.