Survey reveals Aussie Muslims who think ISIS has legitimate grievances

A DISTURBING number of Australian Muslims say terror groups such as ISIS have legitimate grievances, despite condemning terrorism.

And the findings of a study to be released this week reveal the terrorists’ relentless propaganda war is tapping into Islamic community angst over Australia’s counter-terrorism crackdown.

“One of the key messages of terrorist groups … is that Muslims are a victimised and suppressed minority,” University of Queensland researcher Dr Adrian Cherney said.

  • pop

    Always the victim card in a beheady way.
    Islam has nothing to do with Islam.

  • tom_billesley

    Indonesia has just threatened to unleash a “human tsunami” of asylum seekers on Australia following Bali Nine protests.
    I can foresee a wave of apprehension of islamophobia breaking over Australian muslims.

  • Gettingby

    Of course Muslims around the world feel victimized and inferior. Fourteen hundred years of militarist expansion, forced conversions, slavery and living under Islamic totalitarian rule amounted to nothing. Unless they succeed in destroying the entire world, people in the future will critique them, their accomplishments, their culture and come to the obvious conclusion that they were a parasitical group of losers. That is why they need to constantly reinforce the myth of peaceful and prosperous Andalusia and hijack the accomplishments and history of superior cultures. They are the progeny of the raped, the enslaved, the traitorous, and the conquered. Until they admit that and come to terms with their inheritance of pain and sin they will always be the lowest of the low.