Spouse of Toronto school board employee: “I have come to indoctrinate your children into my LGBTQ agenda”

Flamingo Rampant is a publishing company that is pushing books that “explicitly feature lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and two-spirited people” to young children. In September, they decided to offer a free transgender-themed book (for JK to grade 2) to any Toronto District School Board (TDSB) librarian upon request, an offer that the TDSB’s gender-based violence prevention office says is “amazing!” Flamingo Rampant has said that their offer has been accepted by a number of TDSB teacher-librarians.

Flamingo Rampant is run by S. Bear Bergman, whose same-sex (transgender?) spouse is J. Wallace, a gender equity adviser at the Toronto District School Board.

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    What they should be teaching in schools about families.

  • Ho Hum

    Cheri DiNovo @CheriDiNovo · Mar 6
    Reading to kindergarteners from 2 wonderful books at High Park Alternative. They loved @sbearbergman’ Backwards Day!

    From the publisher:
    BACKWARDS DAY, set on the planet Tenalp, introduces us to a world where there are seventeen seasons, including one where bubblegum falls from the sky for three days and a single day when everything – everything everywhere – is backwards. Andrea looks eagerly forward to Backwards Day every year, so she can turn into a boy for the day. But one year she doesn’t turn along with everyone else. She’s miserable. The very next day, however, she turns into a boy – and stays that way! He’s delighted, but his parents are distressed, and take him to the big city to consult with Backwardsologists. When they finally figure out what’s happened, the miracles of Backwards Day are fully revealed to the reader.

    What kind of sick f*ck thinks it is appropriate to promote transgenderism to kindergartners?


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    I am sure there are other lurkers hanging around the school yards.

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    Bergman, very white Anglo-Saxon Protestant

  • Mr_bigstuff

    I am fricken sick of all things gay transgendered two spirited or whatever the accepted word is in the faggot community these days(I prefer the 10 letter word with all the Cs and Ks in it) -Just how deep does this run in the liberal government and TDSB ? After reading about whinnie moving her partner!! (of whatever sex that critter is) into her house and kicking son and husband to the basement(and the husband puts up with it) I believe she is mentally unsound and not fit to run a carwash – When will somebody in power have the balls to stand up and call these perverts out – Clean out the TDSB and get some normal people in there – I have often said I can’t believe every liberal MPP is okay with the way this province is run – All it would take is 5 or 6 good true MPPs to cross the floor – Surely some of them have to care about the legacy they are leaving for their children/grandchildren – Somebody have some guts – They can’t all care that much about a paycheck that they will sell their souls to this government and its perverted leader – I am so disgusted – The more I read the more I think my head will explode-

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    FAQ AHOY….Hard to tell Capt. Kirk where they’re men or women on Planet FAQ stay the course Mr.Sulu we’ll find out in next week’s episode! (Space the final frontier…)

  • I think we would have fewer problems if we could just ban teachers’ unions. Who would try this if they knew their contracts depended on work performance and not union protection?

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    *Edit: Nevermind, t’was a tad harsh… 😉

  • JamalZ

    You know what all you can do is do your best to teach your child to have strong convictions about how God created them and talk to them often about that. Do not let them fall prey to the ambiguity that some are trying to impose. The balance between the feminine and masculine spirit should be taught. Let girls be girls and boys be boys. And make sure you are gently encouraging them to come to you if ANYONE says or does anything that makes them feel icky or uncomfortable. I know there are lot of really messed up and confused people out there right now trying to blur the lines between the sexes, but for those who are strong in their identities as men and women, teach that to your children and don’t let anyone try to influence your younglings who should just be innocent and carefree beings that are not having to deal with such