Losing Our Heads Over Full-Body Transplants

International Women’s Day snuck up on me this year like a rapist in a dark alley.

No time to trim the tree with red and white tampons, or stuff the (support) stockings with Diva Cups and Bitch subscriptions. (I hear Dutch feminists leave their Birkenstocks out by the fireplace instead.)

I was too busy working for a living like feminists told us we were all supposed to be doing to go to the Toronto parade.

  • Xavier

    K, you left out personality transfer to ROM or some digital/mechanical gizmo, a la Neuromancer and countless other sci-fi masterpieces about high-tech immortality. Anyone considering the notion of extended life seems to forget that the mind does not age any better than the body; someone who lived to be 150 years old would probably be an insane tyrant. I do not doubt mankind will keep trying to become immortal, and I do not doubt that people like Canavero will keep taking money from fools.

    On another note, I’d like to mention that I occasionally use thesaurus.com; I typed in the word “tyrant” to look at synonyms and happened to notice a single antonym listed. You really need to see this for full effect.


    • FactsWillOut

      One of the best technological immortality books I’ve read so far is called “Implied Spaces” by Walter Jon Williams.
      He wrote a nasty little short story on the theme called “Daddy’s World”, too.
      Then there is Vinge’s “The Cookie Monster”.

  • DVult

    Well where are we going to get the bodies?

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Taki’s commenting section seems to be growing senile.

    • What, the loony anti-Semitism? It’s always been like that.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        At first, for many months even, I assumed the anti-Semitism there was just a joke. I didn’t think they really meant it.
        No, this seems to be taking a personal tack towards K that I hadn’t noticed before.