France to keep 10,000 ‘tired’ troops guarding streets against outbreaks of diversity

France will maintain its deployment of 10,000 troops that have been patrolling across the country in the wake of January’s jihadist attacks, the presidency said on Wednesday. Fears have been raised that the soldiers are suffering from fatigue.

  • DVult

    10,000 sleepy targets.

    • Exile1981

      I was reading that those troops do not have ammo loaded in those guns for safety reasons.

      • DVult

        Safety of who, the jihadis who want to kill them?

  • AmicusC

    be cheaper to deport than run the police state.

    • olddog

      Yea..tell the the Choomer Chump..He imports POVERTY, (D)ISEASE and TERRORIST and PAYS THEM..

  • David

    Is it just me or is france totally screwed?

    • AmicusC

      not yet but like the rest of Europe they need to wake the F up right away.

    • They are damn close.

      • olddog

        LOL..with a White battle flag..there’s not a lot of “Hope and Change” thingys available…PERIOD!!!

    • I don’t think it is you.

  • Michael Onoo

    What kinda plans the moosies devising to exploit this?

  • Hktony

    Civil war. This is a state of civil war and the press ignore it!

  • Millie_Woods

    A month patrolling Paris, not a single shot fired, and they’re already fatigued? After putting up a stiff resistance like that, I suppose there’s no shame in surrendering.