Evening photo: Crimea

Photographer given as “EGRA”

Bonus: Star track exposure:

potd-stars_3226075kA photographer has captured images of stars swirling above the English countryside. Freelance photographer Matt Bigwood wanted to convey the movement of stars when he photographed the night sky over Gloucestershire. Using long exposures, Matt shot the same location multiple times, before layering the images on top of each other to create the star trails in the sky.
Picture: Matt Bigwood/HotSpot Media

  • AlanUK

    More beautiful photos at the link.
    I find the original photo above fascinating:
    Are the white pointy rocks just boulders and the plants heather-sized ground cover or are the white point rocks actually large exposures with the plants full-sized trees.
    Not immediately obvious which makes it even more enjoyable.

    • Frau Katze

      There are no descriptions, even in Russians, but I thought the pix were cool.