Crappy jobs…

Cop Chokes Out Two Rowdy Spring Breakers

  • Xavier

    Thou shalt not challenge authority.

  • wooted

    Lucky they weren’t black, it would have been Police Brutality #ICantBreathe

  • bob e

    “black lives matta’ mofo’ “

  • G

    I don’t have much sympathy for the spring breakers. They were a bunch of mouthy drunks.

    To, be honest however, if somebody had fired sand in the ‘roid monkey cop’s eyes and smoked him over the back of the head with a rye bottle I probably thought he had it coming.

    You took the job so you could carry a gun in public and deny the right to others and get to beat people up legally. Now you’re living the dream aren’t you asshole?

  • Brett_McS

    It looks to me like there were plenty of men there ready and willing to keep the drunks in line.

    • YJ

      I’ll bet he doesn’t act so tough around his steroid dealer.

  • MannieP

    Back in the Good Ol’ Days(tm) (How I miss the Diptheria!) the cop would have laid a 16 oz leaded sap upside the kid’s head.