Winds of Jihad: Mosqueteers blame infidel “intolerance”

Get to know a Muslim or two, and your “misconceptions” will somehow (how exactly?) be dispelled!

AUSTRALIA: The president of the Islamic Research and Educational Academy says there is a greater need for Muslims to establish relationships with the broader community.

Waseem Razvi was the guest speaker at a community day at the Mackay Mosque, in north Queensland, yesterday.

He said there was a fear of the unseen but communication was the key to overcoming that.

Mr Razvi said a greater presence at community events would help build understanding.

“When you keep seeing each other and talk to each other, that will reduce any possible fears that can arise,” he said.

“So I think there are already initiatives but an added initiative is to go out of the mosque and attend church events and multicultural festivals which larger Mackay has”…