Video: 15,000 at Pegida rally in Dresden; ‘civil war’ conditions at Frankfurt

After a one-week break, the Russian video news agency reported LIVE from the ‘Mother of all Pegidas’: RuptlyTV again today [presumably last night] from 18:30. Keynote speaker in Dresden is Tatjana Festerling, by the way.

(A brief translation of part of a Politically Incorrect entry from German.  Video has no subtitles, but gives some impressions).

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Politically Incorrect also reports about Frankfurt: Civil war conditions in Frankfurt:

fft_buergerkriegAt the weekly rally in the Pegida of Frankfurt Rhein/Main, there has been severe excesses of the left counter demonstrators against the police and participants of the Pegida on Monday evening around the Willy-Brandt-Platz. Christine, an Pegida demonstrator (photo at left) was injured by leftists with a large stone and had to be treated by a doctor.

The successful PEGIDA event on Monday in Frankfurt with 130 participants, including new ones from the Civic Center, started by a young migrant, Eugene. “I have just had bad luck.”, he said, of his family situation.

His father was strict devout Muslim, who probably came from Syria. His mother was a Socialist. So he poured out his heart in front of us: “Each of you has shown today the courage, by gathering together to change something in our country, and then there is this horde of violent idiots. An Islamic satellite state? I’m sorry, but you have chosen the wrong country. We will defend our country and our freedom. Germany remains a free country”.

fft_pegida-440x348He was applauded and handed his microphone to the second speaker, Frank. He spoke about the Antifa [anti-fascists] and the other aggressive leftists and did very well.

Michael Stürzen Samuel was the third speaker. One of his main themes was the early sexualization of our children forced into education plans.

Citizens told at the end briefly why they had come to the demo. One citizen from Frankfurt was German, where a third mosque is being planned…

As the end we again gathered behind the church, as usual. Suddenly a police chief said: “You can’t run, the line is totally blocked by radical leftists.”

I doubt whether this is really so, and so they led me to the first block, where we were verbally attacked with sheer hatred and the usual Nazi-bashing.

fft_twitter_polizei3JPG-440x263Returning to the waiting participants I explained the situation to them. Of course they wanted to run. I was conflicted. On the one hand, knowing that the police knew the situation here in Frankfurt, but on the other hand, I did not want to disappoint the participants.

Could I risk that someone would be seriously injured by my decision — or maybe even worse? I waited and tried to concentrate, to make the right decision. After further discussions with the police, I decided that anyone who wanted to run should be brought by the police to the subway. Everyone decided voluntarily, no matter what it took, to run.

….When we started to run, left of us ran a parallel line of violent fascists, who were frothing with hatred towards us. A small group tried to stop us, but was pushed aside. They threw eggs and other items. At some point someone threw the big stone at Christine’s head. She was instantly covered in blood, was afterwards, thanks to the aid of the police, quickly in the hospital.

Christine was not intimidated by the injury and said: “We must continue to confront these left fascists and assert our right to freedom of expression and freedom of Assembly.”

By our departure to the subway, where violent left Fascists were waiting everywherem we were from the scene by the police…

[A quick translation from German. Some parts left out that I could not figure out in a short time.  Machine translate works very poorly for German to English]