Trudeau’s “Repugnant” Speech Distorts Facts, Insults Canadians

In a speech Monday night, Justin Trudeau “said that those who disagree with him” on matters like immigration and multiculturalism are “bigots.”

Brian Lilley takes issue with a great deal of what Trudeau told the McGill Alumni Association, particularly, Trudeau’s bizarre comparison between anti-semitic immigration policies in Canada circa WW2, and the situation today.

How do you possibly compare asking women to show their faces during citizenship ceremonies to shipping Jewish refugees back to Europe and to almost certain death?

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  • winniec

    Shiny Pony Factoids…new made-up poo-poo words and factoids every day! Anybody who doesn’t agree is a racist and poo-poo head!

    CANADIAN JEWRY ALERT! Justin’s Libtards are not friends of Israel.

    • To be honest the response to his idiotic statements did not seem to garner much enthusiasm from the attendees last night.

  • UCSPanther

    Headline: Justin Trudeau trips on his own feet, falls face-first down a flight of stairs into the basement

    A fitting metaphor here…

  • kkruger71

    Really does seem that Trudeau is pinning his hopes on the old “hidden agenda” style campaign against the Conservatives. Not sure how effective that will be this time around, most of those that would buy into that are the “true believers” who would never vote for Harper anyway.

    • I think he hopes to win back the NDP voters from last election.

  • ontario john

    What would the little part time drama teacher know about WW2, his father was too busy hiding under the bed during the war.

  • Allan

    What a “blazing-ass-hole”.

  • john700

    Sorry, but after seeing the numbers presented by Liley I realized that we are ruled by a government of bastards who are focused on the muslification of Canada.