Tories worried about base finding out how much they spend helping immigrants

A briefing note for a Conservative MP suggests the government is worried about how spending on immigration programs is going over with its base.

The House of Commons immigration committee is currently studying how government-funded settlement services can better help the economic integration of immigrants.


As a citizen I do find that expenditure worrisome.

Why do we have to spend on immigrants at all?

Are they incapable of supporting themselves?

Shouldn’t the ability to fend for one’s self be a prerequisite to acceptance?

What sort of immigration policy focuses on people unable to cope?

  • WalterBannon

    Our spending on immigrants should be exclusively spent on the deportation of muslims, and for the occasional hanging of an immigration bureaucrat for treason.

  • Exile1981

    What sort of immigration policy focuses on people unable to cope?

    As an immigrant I can answer that. I came from the US and the laws required that I have a method of supporting myself – technically I was in school so it was my dad who had to have a job. This was back in the 80’s, you had to either have a job in hand – and one that no qualified Canadian had applied for or you had to have a certain amount in cash to support yourself until you found a job; which I believe was 50K.

    Now even back in the early 80’s the rules were different depending on country of origin and I was told then that if we had come from africa then the job requirement could be waved if we applied for it to be and the cash option was much less.

    • So they have relaxed the rules to such an extent that anyone who can breathe gets in.

      • Exile1981

        Not necessarily. Even back then it was much easier if you came from a 3rd world nation than from a 1st world nation; though first world commonwealth nations where supposedly easier than coming from the US or France.

        What would be interesting would be to see if all the requirements have been reduced or only those for people coming from islamic hell holes.

        • There is no question that left wing ideology guided immigration, the bureaucracy considered Canadian citizenship cheap, and so believed it should be granted to anyone quickly and easily.

          • Exile1981

            Or was it that the people running those programs had a strict ideology of open borders one world gov’t and the push towards mass migration was seen as the way to that end?

          • That is definitely a part of the whole mess.

      • lolwut?

        It’s been that way for decades now.
        I remember when Scarborough and Etobicoke were actually nice, safe
        places to live and you could literally leave your doors unlocked in the beaches. The mass immigration from Jamaica started the ball rolling.

        The rules for supporting yourself only apply to white people.

        • Censored_often

          I have been to the Beaches, as a west ender who has lived near High Park for many years, dozens and dozens of times in the last decade and am surprised to even see a black person there on rare occasions. As for Etobicoke, very south Etobicoke is very white – in fact one of the most Caucasian areas in all the GTA – and has a lot of Polish and Russian and Ukrainian immigrants there. I suspect you are talking about central and north Etobicoke. As for Scarboristan, you’re right! *yuck*

          • lolwut?

            I’m talking the 70’s though, the 80’s is when it all started to go to hell in a big hurry.

            Etobicoke had lots of indians back then but they caused zero problems, it was the Jamaicans that drove those places downhill. hell the entire city, even Parkdale was nice.

            I’m not exaggerating about the beaches though, it was clean
            friendly, safe and you really could leave your doors unlocked
            the area around Key beach was awesome back then.

          • simus1

            Very, very, south Etobicoke is where the NDP $ign$ sprout in huge numbers for all elections. It is very, very, white.

          • Censored_often

            I saw hardly a one in the last few elections. Are you sure you are aware that I’m talking south of Lake Shore Boulevard West in Long Branch and east to Mimico? Then again, if I saw an NDP sign I’d likely shudder and try to ignore the ghastly site!

  • Backa Bock

    This is at the federal level. There is probably another billion at the provincial and municipal levels, and another billion hidden in non-immigration related programs. Also, let’s not forget the wage reduction it causes. We’re probably in for a few thousand per year per family when it’s all said and done.

    • lolwut?

      The housing situation in Vancouver is pretty much 100% caused
      by mass immigration from China and the third world.

      The little good housing that is left is snapped up by ESL students
      from Korea and Japan, you literally have to get into a bidding war
      with them for an apartment in the west end near Stanley park.

      The average waiting list for Canadian born (White) people in 10 years
      for low income housing, immigrants from the third world get in under 3 months.

      They even kicked out of nearly 100 homeless people from a Salvation Army
      building to house the boat people from Sri Lanka, of course the media chose
      to ignore that little event and the so called housing advocates say nothing.

    • Very true.

  • P_F

    Where’s the ‘fact’ usually given by the govt. & oft repeated in media: “we need more immigrants for the continuation of various govt. projects & services and the overall prosperity of our country”.
    Evidently, either they are wrong or just lying.
    I believe the ‘Fraser Institute’ studies to be much closer to the truth; ‘immigrants are costing Canadians 40 billion dollars per annum’.

  • cmh

    I am not only a citizen, I am a citizen who voted in this current government and due to the unrestricted, unsustainable immigration and its assorted handouts I am very seriously rethinking my support. My immigrant forefathers had no supports other than their own common sense and were proud of it.

    • Government is never your friend, they are never on your side, and they will always seek to make you a criminal.

  • Ho Hum
  • Gettingby

    What could possibly go wrong. I am moving to a country whose culture and religion I despise, I don’t speak either official language, and I perform FGMs for a living.