The ISIS Penal Code: Shariah Justice and the Quest for Religious Legitimacy

“…In October of 2014, 126 Islamic scholars and Muslim leaders from 38 countries signed an Open Letter to Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi claiming that ISIS was violating Islamic Law. There was more than one signatory from the same country. For example, there were no fewer than 13 signatories from North America, mainly from the United States. Interestingly, many of the names belong to known Islamists, Muslim Brotherhood supporters and “fronts,” or anti-Zionists. For example, signatories include Nihad Awad (Council on American-Islamic Relations), Azhar Aziz (Islamic Society of North America), and Berkeley’s Hatem Baziem (American Muslims for Palestine).

While I am no Qur’anic scholar, much of what these signatories claim cannot be true.”

  • Norman_In_New_York

    ISIS is a major embarrassment to them, giving their game away in the most graphic way imaginable.

  • In order to fully understand Islam you must look at the big picture. As a whole system, the interpretation of Islam always falls to whoever is the most devout.

    This is because Islam encourages devout Muslims to be “self initiating” killers. As long as they kill in the name of Islam, there are few questions. And that interpretation of Islam is a slippery slope (look at ISIS).

    Just look at what ISIS (and Boko Haram, Taliban and others) has done. And a large percentage of Muslims believe it represents Islam.

    So that means the system as a whole always follows the lead of the most devout believers. The Koran authorizes them to be self initiating. They kill in the name of god. No one says anything because they are afraid of the killer. Everybody agrees (unless they risk death) with the killer. The next thing you know, the devout followers “inspire” a bunch of other “devout killers” to do the same.

    And bingo you have the Islamic killing cult ISIS. And no one is willing to say anything to them – for fear of death.

    It is this big cycle that takes Islam to the depths of hell we see.