Somehow I am not comforted….

We got your back…

Yea, right.

  • Surele Surele

    Steve Rockwell, Steve Rockwell… where did I hear this name? Oh, wait! He is this despicable imam, who tried to belittle Barbara Kay, once or twice. Taquija alert!

  • Ghost of Ed

    Spending big bucks on their advertising too.

    • winniec

      Who’s paying. Gulf oil bucks?

  • pettifog

    Steve Rockwell? What kind of convert doesn’t change his name?

    • DVult

      Did he eat the crackerjacks after he found his Imam badge inside or did he throw them away?

  • Ken

    You’ll notice it doesn’t say “Muslims against jihad”.

    • winniec

      Precisely. That’s called a ‘nice’ distinction.

    • Good point, and worth noting that he cannot renounce Jihad, that would make him an apostate.

  • Sounds like snow being packed up some unsuspecting ass.

  • Sigh… they really take non-Moslems for fools.

    • winniec

      Yes, (sigh) they do. But I say to them, ‘We understand you. We have read your books.’

    • Yes they do. How many fatwas, how many many denunciations of terror have Muslims made since 911?

      Hundreds at the least, and still the terrorist threat increases.

  • Maggat

    Yup, “we got your back”, with knife in hand.

  • ontario john

    I feel comforted that it comes from someone who can’t make up his mind what religion he belongs to.

    • winniec

      There is no Golden Rule in Islam.

  • AmicusC

    I guess whatever it takes doesn’t include reporting extremists and recruiters

  • winniec

    The poster begins with a lie: “Peace and blessings of Allah be upon you.”
    Muslims are not permitted to pray for dirty kafirs nor to wish them well. He either doesn’t know Islam or he has no conscience about lies and insults our intelligence. We have read the Islamic texts. It’s so easy to spot the lies.

  • Dana Garcia

    I know there are cases of Muslims notifying the authorities about dangerous people, such as the father of the underwear bomber, but it’s not enough. The number of wanna-be jihadists versus the decent ones is not reassuring at all.

    Better Muslims should remain in their sharia homelands and leave us bereft of their extreme diversity. We will suffer along somehow.

    • What’s worrisome is Islam itself as it is not moderate.

      Also worrisome is the degree of support tacit or otherwise that exists within the Muslim community for those who carry out terror attacks, witness the funeral attendance by the Copenhagen shooter or the lionization of Muhammed Merah in France, many regard them as heroes.

      • Dana Garcia

        It’s like they are carriers of a disease that may become active if they watch too many jihad videos or attend a mosque regularly.

        The Tsarnaev guy now on trial for the Boston marathon bombing went to school in Massachusetts and had American friends. He seemed reasonably assimilated, but jihad called and he followed.

    • Blacksmith

      That is a fate I would gladly suffer, please deport them all!

  • chayisun

    I’d feel better if muslims would go on marches, across North America, to protest the actions of the islamist thugs who are spreading terror and destruction all over the place. Chances of that happening is the same as seeing a muslim refusing government payouts.

    • No they can only march when someone draws a picture of Mohammed or to call for Israel’s destruction.

      It’s the way of Islam.

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    ‘We will do whatever it takes to guarantree your safety.’

    Is that an invitation for us to begin paying the jizya, Steve?

    • Likely the latter;)

      • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

        Ever seen his show?

        He’s a crusty grump.
        I trust him like I trust a snapping turtle.

        Edit: Alligator snapping turtle, because they have that little lure to get the fish to come closer and then, BAM!, the fish gets bitten and swallowed.

        • He is laughable, in that insane Mohammedan way.

        • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

          Because Disqus doesn’t allow a person to attach an image to an edited post….

  • Censored_often

    Even if this proclamation is genuine, which I doubt and know is pure deception and evil, let’s ask ourselves this question: What other genuine or authentic mainstream religion/theology has followers throughout Canada and the rest of the world who need to advertise they are not a bunch of terrorists and traitors to the nation-state in which they reside?

    Wake up, folks, and smell the jihad!!!

    • Blacksmith

      Very well put, I may pass that along. I will try to give credit.

  • DD_Austin

    we will watch your back
    (and slip a knife in it at the first opportunity)

  • I don’t believe him, as inclined I may be to believe that not every single Muslim is a bloodthirsty maniac.