Mr. Trudeau have you no shame?

Justin Trudeau has compared Conservative immigration policies and rhetoric as creating an atmosphere akin to the Liberal government of Mackenzie King’s “none is too many” policy against European Jews in World War II. This kind of outrageous demagoguery would disqualify Trudeau from being taken seriously for any office in most western countries.

Aside from the fact that the Harper government just yesterday made clear again it’s outreach to Muslims in Jason Kenney’s address, there have been no restrictions on Muslim immigration into Canada as there were against Jews. No one is killing Muslims just for being Muslims, as Hitler did to Jews, except for other Muslims like ISIS, Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Al-Qaeda. No Muslims are being put in internment camps in Canada as German Jews were. No refugee ships like the St.Louis are being turned away from Canada as that ill-fated vessel was. resulting in the butchery of 900 Jews sent back to Nazi Germany. And during the nine years of the Harper government Canada has taken in nearly 100,000 Muslims. In peacetime. When there are 24 Arab Muslim nations stretching across half the globe. In the ten wartime years of Liberal Mackenzie King’s government (1935-1945) Canada took in less Jews than was its quota for one year. Some 13,000. Canada had the worst record of any western democracy in the rescue of the Jews of Europe.

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The facts speak for the themselves Justin.

Immigration from Muslim Majority states to Canada represented 18.87 % in 2013 and 15.25% through Q3 of 2014 of the total immigration intake from the Top 50 source nations.

The Citizenship and Immigration data I pulled this from is located here – Canada – Permanent Residents by Country of Citizenship. 

Immigration Canada muslim majority states 2013 -2014 q3