Montreal resto-bar Furco is under fire after turning away a group of uniformed soldiers last weekend.

Reservists from the Canadian Grenadier Guards say they were turned away at the door after being told by staff that having military personnel in the bar was bad for business and that they would intimidate other patrons.

The incident happened around 1 a.m. Sunday when a group of about two dozen reservists showed up at the trendy resto-bar after leaving their annual regimental ball; the night is one of the only times when it is permissible for them to wear their military dress uniform in public.

  • favill

    It’s f@cking Quebec! What the heck did they think would happen by wearing the uniform of the conqueror (the mess dress is scarlet–akin to the uniforms that Wolfe’s soldiers wore when they defeated Montcalm’s baby-blue clad troops).

    • Damn;)

    • Guest

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    • Alex

      too bad most of them were dressed in DEUs

      • favill

        It doesn’t matter to the Francos one way or the other…if you’re military you’re part of the gang that “enslaved” them back in 1759. Many members of the Vingt-Deux (22e Rgmt) don’t even celebrate Canadian holidays…like Victoria Day or Canada Day–but they’re all over St-Jean Baptiste. Note that Anglos will wear their tunics into town with pride during and after work hours…Francos will never ever wear their uniforms in town unless on duty and they will actively try to hide the fact they’re military when off-duty (unless they’re pilots–but that’s a totally different fish altogether).

  • John
  • cmh

    I bet my life they would not turn away a group of burkas and would likely give them some perks like free appetizers etc… They need to give a public apology.

    • Frances

      Burkas in a bar?!?