Minister says anti-terrorism bill concerns about liberties are ridiculous

OTTAWA – Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney is trying to assure Canadians that proposed anti-terrorism measures won’t run roughshod over civil liberties.

In his testimony Tuesday at committee hearings examining the federal legislation, Blaney dismissed concerns the new provisions would allow the Canadian Security Intelligence Service to squelch or infiltrate environmental protests that fall outside the letter of the law.

The planned measures are needed to protect the public from extremists who hate Canadian values, Blaney said during a meeting of the House of Commons public safety committee.

The international jihadi movement has “declared war on Canada” and other countries around the world, Blaney told MPs Tuesday as they began hearing testimony on the federal legislation.

The committee plans to hear from more than 50 witnesses over the next few weeks.

  • Jay Currie

    Then a bit of serious oversight with serious consequences for misuse will not hurt a bit.

  • Alain

    They already have the ability to monitor (and infiltrate if necessary) radical eco-fascist groups and illegal protesters, and I do not disagree since they are as much a threat as islamo-fascists. I still have the problem that there are already plenty of existing laws to deal with this without creating yet more. Furthermore even when judicial activists attempt to prevent them dealing effectively with terrorists, the government can invoke the not withstanding clause. Only a lack of courage prevents this happening.

  • cmh

    Hmmm, the one on the left is married to a muslim, the one in the middle believes in moderate islam, and the one on the right is the jihadist video editor…..

  • barryjr

    I was listening to a discussion about this on the radio and I found it odd that the Conservatives are arguing for more government control, and the NDP and Liberals are arguing for less control.

    • jayme

      The only reason they Ndp/Libs want less is many see this as a anti muslim agenda.

      • barryjr

        I thought more along the lines of their anti Conservative agenda, I did find the role reversal odd.

  • bob e

    don’t really trust anyone in the pic here .. do you ??