Levant: Speech Proves Justin Trudeau is Unqualifed to be PM

Ezra Levant weighs in on Justin Trudeau’s controversial March 9, 2015 speech:

First, Trudeau falsely conflates a Muslim woman wearing a headscarf in a Quebec courtroom, to the Harper government’s ban on wearing full face coverings during citizenship swearing in ceremonies.

Even worse, Trudeau then compared the experiences of present-day Muslim immigrants to the shameful chapter in Canadian history, when Jewish refugees were turned away circa World War II.

(That was done by a Liberal Prime Minister, incidentally.)

In actuality, since 9/11, the Canadian Muslim population has doubled, and — concerningly — the number of Saudi student visas issued has gone up dramatically.

(PS: The Globe & Mail covered Trudeau’s speech last night — but they quickly changed their original headline…)

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  • Ron MacDonald

    Justin Trudeau will eventually make Stéphane Dion look good.

    • Alain

      No, he already does.

      • Surele Surele

        he does, he really, really does.

  • He is desperate to win. This is typical mud-raking.

    • Trudeau is a racist.

      • I don’t know.

        Racists, as repugnant and ignorant as they are, usually nut out some kind of reason why they don’t like X person. Does Trudeau look like a thinker?

  • Rosenmops

    I tried to watch but only lasted about 5 seconds into Turdeau’s speech. God help us all if this fool becomes PM.

    • Al Sharpton would be preferable.

      • Surele Surele

        at least he is funny.

    • Surele Surele

      can’t watch him either. or listen to him. that’s even worse.

      • simus1

        “and then the big, bad, wolf, whose real name was Harper, said …. …………………………”

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    I never realized how lightweight this blueblood really is. His sombre performance, grand gesturing, and sympathetic caring delivery won’t win boy-actor any Academy Awards…his drama-skooling really shines grandly, don’t it? Haw.

    • It’s pure Amateur dramatics he’s a bad actor on any stage.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        I think he went to the Joey Tribbiani school of acting.
        With a minor in Trivago guy.

    • Surele Surele

      remember: Canadians, Romans? How theatrical that was.

      • Clink9

        Extreme Cringe Alert.

  • WalterBannon

    In actuality, since 9/11, the Canadian Muslim population has doubled, and — concerningly — the number of Saudi student visas issued has gone up dramatically.


    the treason continues

    • Yup from 2004 on it was conservative all the way.

  • He’s also unqualified to be a substitute teacher.

  • Clink9

    Lefties love to trash the British monarchy but would insist on the spawn of their hero running this country. Into the ground.

  • simus1

    He chose a very suitable venue for his befuddled, overacted, vote whoring, schtick.

  • Jabberwokk

    “but what is WORSE….than what they’re saying…..***Is what they really mean***.”

    So, Trudeau, your accusing Harper/Conservatives of being judgemental of Islam whilst being judgemental of Harper/Conservatives.

    Ok then let’s play it your way. Is it ok to be Judgmental? If Yes, the I judge you to be a lair. If No then your statement fails itself on its own merit.

    This is nothing more than the same weathered and worn political tactic of divide and conquer. You slander the opposition, divide the citizens, and bank on the vanity of public oppinion to carry the day. While everyone is focused on ‘he hates me/he hates me not’ No one bothers to look at you anymore.

    The Liberal party was on the verge of irrelevancy AGAIN and having realized what they have chosen are doubling down on stupid. They know they don’t, at current, have great chances of winning so they have nothing to lose. They’re going to play the Islamaphobia card just as Kathleen wynne has played the Homophobia card facts be damned. They perpetuate the old ‘conservative secret agenda myth’ to detract form there blindingly obvious agenda of power, praise, and profit.

    And why?

    Because it works. The greatest defense is a good offense. If the Opponent is busy defending they are not busy attacking. Conservatives need to re-learn how to fight. Stick to the issues. Fight there lies with truth. Stay disciplined. The only way they win is if we get suckered into fighting there fight or choose not to fight at all.