Levant: Speech Proves Justin Trudeau is Unqualifed to be PM

Ezra Levant weighs in on Justin Trudeau’s controversial March 9, 2015 speech:

First, Trudeau falsely conflates a Muslim woman wearing a headscarf in a Quebec courtroom, to the Harper government’s ban on wearing full face coverings during citizenship swearing in ceremonies.

Even worse, Trudeau then compared the experiences of present-day Muslim immigrants to the shameful chapter in Canadian history, when Jewish refugees were turned away circa World War II.

(That was done by a Liberal Prime Minister, incidentally.)

In actuality, since 9/11, the Canadian Muslim population has doubled, and — concerningly — the number of Saudi student visas issued has gone up dramatically.

(PS: The Globe & Mail covered Trudeau’s speech last night — but they quickly changed their original headline…)

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