Leading Muslim Scholars Agree! Homosexuals Should Be Killed!

The ISIS campaign of executing homosexuals by Stoning, Shooting, Throwing Off Buildings, etc is in accordance with Sharia Law as explained by influential Mainstream Islamic Preachers.

  • Dana Garcia

    Meanwhile in Istanbul, male belly dancers are making a comeback. The Wall Street Journal says so.


    ISTANBUL—In the dimly lighted and smoke-filled corners of this ancient city, the erotic art of belly dancing is enjoying a masculine makeover.

    Dressed in skirts decorated with coins and shimmering tassels, male belly dancers are back in vogue, jerking their hips and trembling their abs to hypnotic Turkish rhythms. Known as “zennes,” the performers were once a mainstay at the courts of Ottoman sultans, but they have been largely out of sight for decades. Their renewed popularity comes amid a broader revival of Ottoman-era culture that has spread to television, fashion and politics.


    • Those Turks are whacked.

    • Alain

      I had no idea there were male belly dancers. I knew about the women belley dancers and found them in general to be quiet erotic. I’ll take a pass though on the males.

      • Dana Garcia

        Me neither. But I did know about the bacha bazi boys in Afghanistan who dance for old men. Not that different,


        • Frau Katze

          They seem quite open about it. But remember the Muslim definition of homosexual is not the same as ours: provided the man acts the “male” role, it’s really quite irrelevant if his “female” partner is really a female. The ancient Greeks had a similar idea.

          • Mojo1961

            Yep, it’s ok to pitch, but not to catch.

    • Frau Katze

      Give Erdogan more time. He’s on a project to stamp this out. But he’s trying to be “democratic” so he can’t just act like an Ayatollah. Yet.

      • Martin B

        Would-be Sultan Erdogan the Magnificent is the guy who’s been leading the Ottoman revival, and zennes were the Ottoman equivalent of bacha bazi boys, so…In the meantime, the WSJ article mentions a decline in female belly dancers, which is a development I’m sure meets with his approval.

    • Frances

      Would they have been eunuchs back in the day?

  • Frances

    Interesting, as T E Lawrence in “Seven Pillars of Wisdom” alluded to homosexuality as normal in the desert, and preferable to finding prostitutes.

    • Jay Currie

      What was the line, “For lust a boy, for pleasure a goat, for delight a melon.”

  • Barrington Minge

    Looking to these four throwbacks gives a whole new meaning to the word “Queer”

  • Gary

    And yet since 2008 the PRIDE parade had allowed a pro-hamas/ISIS sharia law groups to march in it while gays are being slaughtered by the thousand’s under sharia in islamic hell-holes like gaza and iran.

    But watch out for Barbara Hall and the HRC because
    if you even joked about ISIS not tossing enough queers from the roof , THAT would get them more angry than the actual gays be killed and they’ll “hall” you before a HRC Tribunal as a Homophobe and spewing hate .

  • Hard Little Machine

    Good news that radical gays are hugely pro Hamas and so forth. Sounds like a plan to me.