Just Like Jews In The 1930’s Justin? Total Immigration In The Decade Following 911 Was 25% From Muslim Majority States

Justin Trudeau was misquoted. He meant plight of Muslims is like the Jos. Louis not the St. Louis

Justin Trudeau was misquoted. He meant the plight of Muslims is like the Jos. Louis not the St. Louis. A Piece of Cake.

How stupid can Justin and his handlers be?

Justin attempted to link Islam to the plight of Jews in the 1930’s in a speech last night citing None is Too Many, the story of Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany denied entry to Canada on the St. Louis by a Liberal government.

Our country’s immigration intake in the decade following 911 was 25% from Muslim majority nations effectively doubling Canada’s Muslim population. Further immigration from Muslim Majority states to Canada represented 18.87 % in 2013 and 15.25% through Q3 of 2014 of the total immigration intake from the Top 50 source nations.

How does that compare to the 1930’s plight of Jews. It’s not only offensive it’s factually incorrect.

The MSM has reaction to Justin’s inane screed at the Globe, the Star and as you saw last night the CBC where they practically wet themselves.

More… Justin Trudeau Gives Exclusive Interview To Muslim Paper That Published Article Stating ISIS Is A Zionist Plot


The facts speak for the themselves Justin.

Update: Immigration from Muslim Majority states to Canada represented 18.87 % in 2013 and 15.25% through Q3 of 2014 of the total immigration intake from the Top 50 source nations.

The Citizenship and Immigration data I pulled this from is located here – Canada – Permanent Residents by Country of Citizenship. 

Immigration Canada muslim majority states 2013 -2014 q3


In 2001 the Muslim population of Canada was 579,640 according to the census.

The years 2002 through 2011 inclusive witnessed the arrival of 2,465,714 immigrants of which 613,728 or 25% of Canada’s total immigration came from the majority Muslim nations I’ve isolated from the original source data provided by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. ( see jpeg)

immigration canada muslim majority nations (1)

  • David Murrell

    You correctly rebut Justin Trudeau’s rant, by using actual Statistics Canada population-by-religion data. Yet you miss the point: the Star and the Globe support Trudeau, and are willing to support his mindless rants, given that these rich, powerful media want him to win in September. They want him to win in September, with strong Muslim support, since he will reverse Canada’s strong foreign policy against militant Islamism.

    The Globe, the Star, and Justin Trudeau support militant Islamism.

    • Censored_often

      Interview featuring Justin “Jihad” Trudeau from a Muslim publication, dated Nov. 2014:


    • DD_Austin

      Trudeau can say any olde stupid shit and it will make no difference, his support isn’t based on facts, or statistics*, it’s based on MSM kickbacks
      and the mindless faith in the multicultural crap they’ve been pumping out
      since the 1960s, just try reading the CBC comments to see the faithful
      giving a amen to Saint Pierre and his heir apparent and spawn Justin

      * statistics aren’t facts, they’re only a good as the question asked, and should be taken with a grain of salt, Statistics from the government best be taken with a bucket of salt**.

      ** FTWs, refugees, illegal aliens they’re not kicking out, foreign “students”, Business “fast track” chinese… and no doubt a lot more

      2,465,714 my ass, Seasonly adjusted of course

      • The CBC, like the majority of its commenters do not represent Canada in any way shape or form.

        • winniec

          Exactly! Did Ghomeshi represent Canada?

        • DD_Austin

          Actually the CBC does represent “Canada”, it is the state
          funded official broadcaster. And the mindless drones in
          it’s comments section are “canadians” We’re the minority,
          not them.

          “Canada” and being “Canadian” are so distorted from what they were that their like confederate money, once valued, now asswipe.

      • David Murrell

        I do on occasion read the “comments” sections underneath the CBC News articles, and they are scary. Scary, too, are the “comments” under the Globe and Mail articles. Reading these, I guess, is like being a counter-demonstrator at a pro-ISlamist rally in TO. It wakes one up.

        Which leads me to differ with you, in stressing one point. My view is that the “comments” above, as is Justin Trudeau’s foreign policy and domestic polices for terrorism — and indeed the main thrust of the CBC News and the Globe and Mail biases — all of these support an anti-human rights and an anti-democratic rights point of view.

        Conservatives should denounce all of this, and offer an alternative pro-human rights and a pro-democratic point of view, to counter the Justin Trudeau/corporate media bias. We conservatives should support, for example, (1) women’s rights (2) democratic rights (3) Jewish rights, and so forth.

        As Justin Trudeau cheerleads the rights of Islamic terrorist suspects, we should denounce Trudeau and his terrorist cronies.

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  • Censored_often

    Good info above. I suspect similar data for 2011 to 2015 inclusive will make much of the other data pale in comparison. *sigh*

    • I have yet to find the data have looked but the government has not released as comprehensive a data set as previously.

    • I found it, must have been released only recently, Immigration from Muslim Majority states to Canada represented 20.8% in 2013 and 16.5% through Q3 of 2014 of the total immigration intake from the Top 50 source nations.

  • DVult

    Jews were desperate and had no nowhere to go. Muslums have plenty of muslum states to go to or they can just stay where they are.

  • winniec

    Justin invites all Canadians to live on their knees. Many worshippers of Justin’s hair are pleased to live on their knees. Justin has bowed to Mecca.

  • ontario john

    I’m sure Harooooon at the Star and the rest of the socialist media in this country will be praising the little part time drama teacher.

  • Clink9

    That’s all the left has. They will call you a name if you don’t go along with their policies that are destroying Canada.

    • You’re absolutely right. Citizens concerned about Islamic terrorism are racists according to Justin, which is funny given Islam isn’t a race.

  • Thermblog

    During last year’s Gaza operation by Israel, the inevitable protests featured open antisemitism in the cities of the west. Canada was no exception and our media and police were, let us say, “disappointing” in their handling of the matter. Trudeau gave lip service to support of Israel but his protégé Andrew Leslie answering a reporter’s question, said he thought Israel had been careless. His choice of words implied Israel had committed war crimes.

    Leslie should not have said this without better knowledge and indeed, Israel has since been vindicated of the charge by an investigating panel of retired U.S. generals. (They actually criticise Israel for being TOO careful and setting new standards that others will be unable to meet.)

    Trudeau is on really thin ice.

    • He has fallen through the ice.

      • J. C.

        Unfortunately, he manages to keep coming up for air… 🙁

        • Never a seal hunter around…

          • J. C.

            Yet another reason to despise Paul Watson… 😉

  • Stronger Than Dirt

    Wouldn’t bother me if – If every Jew in Canada lined up to kick that sob in the shins for being such an insulting a**wipe. .

  • WalterBannon

    Total Immigration In The Decade Following 911 Was 25% From Muslim Majority States

    That was the second wave of their attack.

    Round them all up and deport them.

    Then round up all the bureaucrats in the Immigration ministry and execute them for treason.

  • Rama44
    • Awesome! Thanks.

    • eMan14

      Not only does Trudeau have no shame, he has no moral courage. He’s a politically correct panderer of the worse kind.

      • The Liberals are brokerage party they use multiculturalism to divide an conquer by doling out privileges to ethnic strongmen in return for votes.

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    The Star?

    Ohhh, you mean that paper that just yesterday printed a letter to the editor decrying ‘Muslim is the new black’ while predicting that ‘Stephen Harper’s divisiveness will turn our country into Alabama of the mid-1950s’?

    Cuckoo, cuckoo!….

    (The letter was written in response to a story about a Mohomeddan family from Mississauga who were hassled at the airport and, here comes the horror, airport security looked on their laptops and saw photos of the women uncovered. OH NO!….
    http://www.thestar.com/news/immigration/2015/03/03/disney-vacation-turns-to-nightmare-for-mississauga-family.html )