Islamic Scholar Lamya Kaddor has 5 of her students join the Jihad, writes a book blaming everyone else

Jihad as a form of youth protest

In her new book “Zum Töten bereit. Warum deutsche Jugendliche in den Dschihad ziehen” (Willing to kill. Why German youths are joining the jihad), religious education teacher and scholar of Islam Lamya Kaddor asks why some young Germans are attracted to the jihadi cause. Claudia Mende spoke to her about the radicalisation of young Germans

Ms Kaddor, five of your former pupils went to Syria to join the jihad. How did you react to the news?

Lamya Kaddor: Well, it came as a shock, because I was involved in the boys’ education for a certain amount of time. It felt strange to be affected in this way.

The pupils all attended your religious education classes…

Kaddor: Yes, they were my students. I taught them for years, and they were radicalised after they left school.
Looking back, were there any indications at the time that they would be radicalised at a later stage?

Kaddor: No, none whatsoever. There were no signs at all. Unless you regard a particular vulnerability as a sign. The vulnerability lies in the fact that these young people encounter difficulties in life because of their migrant background, which exposes them to disadvantages because they come from socially difficult backgrounds. This means they meet several of the prerequisites for radicalisation.