Indiana: Muslim woman pictured at ‘Islam on Capitol Hill’ convicted of Medicaid fraud, again

She was a convicted fraud when she was photographed at the Islam on Capitol Hill Day in 2009 and now she’s a two-time convicted fraudster. Why isn’t she in jail?

Like the earlier post, if she agreed to pay back $720,000 she must have robbed taxpayers for a lot more than that over the years.

A Carmel woman who unlawfully received more than $700,000 in Medicaid payments has been ordered to pay back the money and spend three years on probation.

Khadijah Shareef, 54, was sentenced on federal charges of Medicaid fraud, U.S. Attorney Josh J. Minkler announced Tuesday.

A news release from Minkler’s office states that Shareef submitted enrollment applications to Indiana Medicaid for two businesses while barred from all federal health care programs.

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