High Risk Muslim Without Passport Gives RCMP The Slip, Makes It Overseas

A Canadian on the RCMP’s list of “high risk travellers” is being sought by police after he apparently left the country — even though he had no valid passport, was on probation and under a court order not to travel abroad.

Mohammed El Shaer, a 27-year-old from Windsor, Ont., disappeared last month shortly after completing a prison sentence for passport fraud. According to a Canadian extremist fighter, he has since arrived in Syria.

“What I can confirm for you is that we believe he did leave Canada and that he has travelled overseas and that he does not have a valid Canadian passport,” Insp. Lise Crouch, officer in charge of the Ontario Integrated National Security Enforcement Team, said Tuesday.

…Although he was prohibited from leaving Ontario, pending his trial, he somehow made his way to Egypt and Sudan. He was arrested when he returned to Toronto’s Pearson airport Nov. 5 and charged with breaching the conditions of his release.

“I made a mistake and I apologize for that,” he told a Windsor judge after pleading guilty on Dec. 19. “It won’t happen again.”

He was sentenced to 90 days — or 24 days after the time already served in pre-trial custody was deducted. He was also to serve 12 months on probation and banned from traveling outside Canada.



Seems he had help from a kind Canadian Judge. Good, just don’t let him back.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    They are mystified as to how a convicted passport forger managed to cross international borders without a VALID passport?
    Tell me they were joking.

    • Alain

      Sadly they were not joking.

    • Canadian

      `fraid not…

    • Doug Kursk

      Yes, real head scratcher that…! 😉

  • Canadian

    And the same judge will argue that we should take it back.

  • Stronger Than Dirt

    It used to be that incompetents were demoted or fired – now they get promoted. Let’s celebrate diversity !


  • DVult

    Since according to their records he had never left the country then whoever it was trying to get back in was obviously an impostor and should have been refused entry.

  • simus1

    Since the normal lifestyle of a devout muslim in a muslim country is fairly close to living in a huge prison, our judges probably just shrug and figure what’s the point of housing them here if they would rather be there? (sarc/off)

  • Rosenmops

    Hopefully he will soon have his 72 virgin goats in hell.

  • P_F

    “A Canadian on the RCMP’s list…………………….”
    No, he was NOT a Canadian he was a mohammedan using Canadian soil as his retreat and Canadian money to finance his depredations.