Australian terror teen: ‘We’ll make 9/11 look like child’s play’

AN ISLAMIC State recruit unmasked as a Melbourne teenager has made taunts on Twitter threatening terrorist attacks would make the 9/11 look like “child’s play”.

The boy, dubbed the “white jihadi” after featuring in IS propaganda videos, was previously believed to be British, but was yesterday identified as 18-year-old Jake Bilardi from Craigieburn in Melbourne.

The teenager, a gifted student turned high school dropout reportedly lured by the death cult searching for answers after losing his mother, has been making threats online under an Islamic pseudonym, The Australian reports.

Before his profile was suspended yesterday, he had tweeted about impending attacks.

“What we have in store for you dogs will make 9/11 look like child’s play,” he wrote yesterday.

In a previous post, the teen has reportedly warned: “Martin place was just the beginning for you dogs”…

  • Exile1981

    That’s ok what we have in store for him and his friends will make the noon day sun’s heat feel like a Whitehorse February.

  • gordo

    They won’t put Aussie bakka boy at risk for a few years know.Once his skin loses it’s softness and tightness he’ll be blown up trying to blow up something

  • Islam Is a Crock

    l hope the ASIO and the Australian Federal Police are taking a serious look at the Hume Islamic Youth Centre in Coolaroo where this miscreant prayed. There have been at least 5 Australian Jihadis that attended this centre wind up in Syria or Iraq.
    As a resident of Craigieburn who drives past the HIYC regularly, you would need to be blind Freddy to not see that those praying there are extremely devout! And the number of cars l see in the area with Muslim Brotherhood stickers on them is staggering…

    • mobuyus

      I would like to see this little bitch fed to one of your great Salt water crocs. A real slow feeding