UK: Murdered Charlie Hebdo Staff Named ‘International Islamophobe Of The Year’ by Highly Regarded Muslim Hate Group

Charlie Hebdo has been named 2015 International Islamophobe of the year, despite many of its staff having been killed by Jihadists in January. The annual ‘award’ was given by Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC), a British group that claims to campaign against terrorism.

According to the Muslim website 5Pillars the award was given to Charlie Hebdo because of its “continual stoking of Islamophobic sentiment by caricaturing Muslims as terrorists and ridiculing their beliefs.”

It continued: “Charlie Hebdo’s repeated mocking of Muslims is part of a culture of hate that is intended to marginalise, further alienate and further endanger a community that has effectively been ‘otherised’ in much the same way that Jews were in Nazi Germany.”

  • winniec

    The article is poppycock, though the author knows more than most. His conclusions are all wrong. The problem is not criticism of Islam, but Islam itself.
    Idiot. Muslims are braindead with taqlid if they continue following this vicious, sociopathic Death Cult.

    Criticism of Islam is THE SOLUTION.

  • chayisun

    The annual ‘award’ was given by Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC), a British group that claims to campaign against terrorism. WAAAAAHAAAAA…….No really, there is such a thing?

    You mean they have an awards programme? Like the Oscars? Yer @#$#$%$% me!
    “And the award for best beheading of the year goes to JIHAD JOHN!!!”
    (Hysterical applause)……..

    ” Thank you so very much for this award. I’d like to thank the British government for supporting my family while I am away doing what I do best. Actually, it’s all I can do. Anyway, I want to also thank my mom for sending me half of those welfare cheques. AND, finally I want to think the muslim community throughout the world for being so supportive and not saying anything bad.”

    I’m sorry but this must be a joke. A MUSLIM human rights commission? Wait a sec…Is Barbara Hall involved in this?

    • winniec

      The ISLAMOFASCIST Human Rights Commission.

    • winniec

      “British group that claims to campaign against terrorism”
      They are actually campaigning FOR terrorism and selecting the next target!

    • It’s an Iranian front as I recall.

  • Doug Kursk

    … are an Islamaphobe if you are afraid of the type of Muslim who eventually proves you were right by killing you?

    Got it.

  • The Goat

    And Kathy loses again. My condolences.

  • Martin B

    I’m surprised they didn’t give the Muslim Of The Year award to the Kouachi brothers. Maybe next week.

    “…caricaturing Muslims as terrorists…”

  • winniec

    This ‘award’ is a DEATH SENTENCE!
    They are saying Charbonnier DESERVED to be slain as the enemy of Allah!
    This ‘award’ is vicious and unconscionable!
    People must speak out!

  • roccolore

    Islamic human rights is an oxymoron.

  • Xavier

    How do we enter the contest? Apparently groups efforts are allowed, so can we all register as Team BCF?

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    A French humor magazine lost out to a group that cuts the heads off of Muslims.
    Yes, they are just like Hitler.
    They should change their name to ‘Adolph Hebdo’.

  • just a thought

    The fact that he was murdered by rabid muslime dogs more than justifies his “islamophobia” now doesn’t it!

  • Ken

    Holy ***k! You can’t make this shit up anymore! Feeling sorry for The Onion again.

  • Kathy Nelson

    Oh wow! Does this crap article mean it is now okay for the Charlie Hebdo staff to go over to this islamic hate group’s office and butcher them? I should think fair is fair. Also, there is no such thing as “islamophobia”. No such listing in the psychiatric journals. It is a made up word used to try and shame those who recognize islam for the violent and hateful ideology that it is. People who oppose islam are realists and patriots.

    Also, stop glorifying islam by referring to it as a religion, which it is not. And stop using “islamic state” as well. All you do is justify and recognize their tyranny when you do that. Even their own kind refer to them as daesh (an Arabic insult). The French prefer the term daesh cutthroats. Never use capital letters when referring to islamics/muslims.

    • just a thought

      Yes. Showing even the minimal respect of capitalizing their titles, etc., and allowing them to define terms usedto describe them, gives rhem rhe upper hand in controling the “narrative.” Unfortunately, our “leadership” are very slow learners.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    The zombie-like pussydom of the muzzle’em empire that exists only in their heads…too gutless to come right out an declare an open war on Civilization. So they figure they’ll just mooch, whine,over-populate, and back-stab their way to Victory, like their hate-book orders them to…

  • Brian Gardiner

    Dear Alanis.

    Now THAT is irony.

    Sincerely &tc.