The Toronto District Sharia School Board

“Sandals noted that if parents object to “this curriculum — or, quite frankly, science curriculum or English curriculum or any other piece of curriculum — the Education Act gives a parent of any religion or belief system the right to withdraw their child from that particular lesson.”

And some aspects of the new health curriculum can’t be avoided — explaining why it’s OK that some families are different, and not teasing other students because they have “two mommies” or two fathers, for instance.

This portion of the curriculum was enshrined in Ontario law under an anti-bullying bill in 2012, as well as under provincial human-rights legislation.

From a GTA Islamic chat forum…

“Asa. Thank you Br. Mohammad Akif for helping us find the right channel to discourage ministry of education to avoid the sex edu. But at the end they always end up doing what they want. But at least we can proudly say we tried to stop them. To eliminate all this, simply let the school principle know that ur child will not participate in health classes. When the kids bring form home for approval simply decline it. My kids have been excused from health n music class since grade 1 and i haven’t had any issues with school or board of education about my decision. I have also declined health subject in high school for my high school kids. If I can do it so can most of the parents whose kids are going to public schools. And as mowlana Rizvi said on his Friday khutba that u have a choice to excuse ur child from health class.”

You can bet little Aisha won’t be learnin nothin bout no two mommies in a TDSB school.