Swedish minister says silenced by Saudis at Arab League after criticising their human rights record

Ms Wallstroem had been invited as an honorary guest to the Arab League headquarters in Cairo, pictured, in praise of her government’s decision to recognise Palestine as a state

A Swedish minister has accused Saudi Arabia of banning her from giving a speech at a meeting of the Arab League after she previously criticised the kingdom’s human rights record.

Sweden’s foreign minister Margot Wallstroem has claimed that her criticism of Saudi Arabia over its treatment of blogger Raif Badawi resulted in her speech being cancelled at the meeting in Cairo.

However, an Arabic diplomat confirmed that Riyadh had stopped her from making her opening speech.

Ms Wallstroem said: “The explanation we have been given is that Sweden has highlighted the situation for democracy and human rights and that is why they do not want me to speak”…

The moral of the story is that you cannot please the Muslim world by making concession on Israel and Palestine.